Working with bad sales rep?

Attempting to work out a deal with a Volvo dealer, and the sales rep I’m talking with has been an absolute pain. I have asked multiple times for pre-incentive prices and they keep only providing post-incentive. I’ve tried working down the price, but they keep coming back with the same number. Is there anything I can do here, or should I just try another dealership

Move on. Wasting time if you’re not getting anywhere. Or make your own offer


Ask them what the incentives that they include are. Or, better yet, find out what they are on edmunds and volvo site. Not that hard to figure out dealer’s pre-incentive discount after that.

TLDR: No need to ask for Pre-Incentive. Identify Dealer’s Selling Price and calculate pre-incentive discount yourself.

Thank them for their time, let them know you are going to look for a better price and move on. I like to keep the door open a crack - you never know if they might hit your price in a week or two.

How do I handle pre-incentive? Volvo has a tricky selling price model. It is obvious you know Volvo is getting a direct to dealer incentive to lower the price. You also know you should focus on the pre-incentive discount, the discount you are getting directly FROM the dealer. I play the pre-incentive game close to the vest and just ask for the dealer’s selling price. I then just do the simple math to calculate the pre-incentive discount embedded in the dealer’s offer. In future conversations I counter with a total discount with full value for the Volvo funded direct to dealer incentive and whatever pre-incentive I am targeting.

Stop wasting your time. They are hiding something. Not worth the headache. Move on.

Yeah, they are an out of state dealership anyway, but they are the only one I’ve been able to get an offer from on a loaner. Just a little frustrating, because I feel like if I got a better sales rep I might actually be able to get something done.

Not necessarily, it is just how they work. Salesperson may just get the sales price from SM and has no clue what’s in there. My dealer GM sometimes includes some incentives, like Costco, in his sales price. Or he just gives me total $$ discount. I have to clarify every time and figure out myself.

Speak to someone else but just make your own offer instead of this circle jerk

You think anyone outside LH has heard of “pre-incentive selling price”?

I mean this is their profession, I would hope they would know what that means or can at least infer.

I kinda tried making my own offer, but I can try throwing out something else more in line with how they were structuring their “offer”

We work with Volvo, if you message us the details I can get you a no hassle no commitment quote

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How are you talking with them? Phone, email, in person? Mode of communication seems to have been important with my recent Volvo lease. I emailed the sales manager directly in mid-June. He wouldn’t budge on price and it seemed like we were talking past each other (he wouldn’t answer any of my questions). So I moved on to other dealerships & even expanded my range to include out of state dealers. Once I got some positive hits out of state (they answered my questions and flexed on pre-incentive price), I went back to the closer dealer and gave him one last chance to make a deal. We ended up on the phone the next day. He was still a bit difficult to deal with, but moving from email to phone also moved us closer to our final deal. Signed the next day. And he turned out to be really nice in person! Edit: he also claimed that he didn’t understand what I was asking for via email, and further mentioned that he didn’t think I was a “real person” until I emailed him the second time.

My advice, then: Move on, then circle back when you get a more positive response from a different dealership. Give them one last chance when you have some numbers that are clearer and closer to what you are targeting. Also, try to speak directly with the sales manager if you aren’t already.

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