With all the Tacoma Off-Road deals has anyone actually taken theirs off road?

I used to take my Wrangler on some easy trails at a local state park. I was thinking about trying the Tacoma, knowing I will be fully responsible for any damages. It is leased with TFS. Does anyone have any experience taking a leased vehicle on some light off-roading?

you have a skid plate? nobody’s gonna check under ur truck at inspection haha. I would be more worried about kicking up rocks and ripping something down there more than anything else, still that’s rare. Honestly aside from hitting a giant rock or tree stump you should be ok.

F150 pretty much lives off-road on a construction site with nails, rocks and wood/metal pieces all over the place in the ground. Done a few trails and rough gravel roads (if you wanna call that off-roading) and had no issues but there’s a skid plate underneath the majority of the truck, i.e. transfer case, fuel tank, transmission, oil plug drain, etc. etc.

Other than gravel roads and a grass field nope, and I doubt I ever will.

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Can’t find one yet around me close by. All off road trails are a fairly far away

Yes, I did