Windshield crack

Well there is a crack in the windshield on my volvo S90. It is right in the middle of that black center console that has the camera I guess. The crack is probably too large to fix so will need a new windshield (close to $600).
The question is, is calibrating the safety features something that actually needs to be done? Safelite says that is $300 extra.
The private shops say that the calibration isn’t needed as they don’t touch the camera.
Anyone have any experience with this?
Our insurance deductible is $1000 so that won’t help. Thoughts?

Yes it needs to be done. It’s a lengthy process and can not be handled DIY.

I suggest to get an insurance policy with separate glass coverage and $0 deductible for the future. I did on my Accord when I bought it and was really happy I had it when I learned that a windshield replacement was $1200 :poop:

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One private shop replied saying they do free calibration as part of their installation. Not sure I trust that.
How much is separate windshield coverage?

I would try seeing what you can negotiate at lease return. When I was returning my 15’ BMW 328 I had a tinted windshield and the windshield itself was cracked as well. They wanted to charge over $1000 and I got them down to $250 and called it a day.

Same thing happened on my S90, in the same spot (assuming its top of the windshield in front of the blacked out area. I tried to fix it myself with the home kit, but no luck. I haven’t fixed it yet, figured I would wait until it’s closer to my lease return.

I forget how old the car is? I’d go to the dealership if it’s within 6 months and see if they’ll do anything. I have a friend who managed to crack the windshield on his last two cars (2018 XC60 and 2014 440) within two weeks of getting either car. He negotiated something with the dealer on the second one after I told him to not pay it himself, but obviously two weeks is better for that than longer out. It can’t hurt to try, though. The argument is that the glass should be strong enough to not be susceptible to this after only X amount of time.

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I checked with our insurer (Amica) about putting full-glass coverage on our new vehicle.

The additional premium cost over the three-year lease was virtually identical to our comprehensive deductible ($500), so we decided to roll the dice.

Not really how it works. Plus my lease return isn’t for another 9 months.

Yes same spot. But it seems to be growing.

  1. Had it for about 15 months already.

Would a windshield claim raise rates later?

Oh, so it was part of the 2018 blowout? I guess you can still try to go to the dealer and say, “hey it’s just over a year old and there is a defect in the glass.” It really can’t hurt to try.

Honestly I have no idea, but my bias is against paying money to insure against a relatively minor loss.

I have had 2 windshields replaced on my 2017 XC90. Both done with Safelite.
The first time they mentioned the calibration. I needed to take it back to Volvo to replace the inspection stickers anyway so I passed on Safelite’s calibration and figured I would have Volvo do it. But when they were done, there were no warnings and the tech said “sometimes they don’t need to be calibrated, especially the newer models”

Second time, same thing. Windshield replaced, no warning or dash lights on and everything functions as normal. Adaptive cruise control and rain sensing wipers. So I would pass on the calibration.

Got it thanks.
Another private shop mentioned that they can calibrate if needed for free. Hmm just not sure how involved this calibration is. I can’t imagine this small mobile shops having the calibration equipment and doing it for free when safelite wants an extra $300.

Depends on your insurer. I had to change companies to get one as Allstate doesn’t offer separate glass coverage. Mine is like $65 every 12 months which is a screaming steal considering the $1200 cost and I seem to break a windshield every 12-18 months. I also raised my comprehensive deductible to compensate.

Replacing the windshield and not calibrating the camera system made the lane keep assist on our Honda unusable. Any small imperfections on the road would make the lane keep assist to kick in.

Got it. Thanks for the info.