Why not EQE if no EQS?

I understand the craziness over the EQS due to the February and March deals many folks were able to acquire. But why not show any interest towards the EQE?

Am I missing something?

Less inventory= less aggressive discount. I think RV lower too?

Less incentive for the customer and less incentive for the salesperson

Derek when will you bless us with unicorns on any benz :face_with_peeking_eye:

If you’re targeting an EQE gotta go with the AMG package and in this color. :fire:

Non AMG just doesn’t look right


Man if I can snag an nyc EQE deal I will be all over it !

Oh, I wish I could do like 20% off. Just following dealership guidelines.


Best I got offered (when hitting a stall on deal for EQS which I ultimately went with) was 11% off pre incentives.

Came out to about 630/month after max MSD with 2k DAS for EQE 350 with MSRP of 85k for 24/7.5k

Ended up going with a 115k EQS for 690/month, 2k DAS. I’m glad I did, as some of the options that I didn’t have on the EQE like rear wheel steer, air suspension, HUD, and massage seats are some of my favorite parts of the EQS.

Rubber band tires and it still sports chrome trim. Pass.


Curious does your state require full taxes on the vehicle on a lease?

I’m considering both EQS and EQE SUV from SoCal. As a previous poster mentioned, it seems that EQS base is pretty loaded. On the EQE you have to add a ton of options to be equivalent and they add up quickly. So not seeing EQE offering a better value, esp. with markedly worse incentives.