Why Hyundai Palisade stinks 😕 LOL Update 5/01/21

For those fascinated with Hyundai Palisade

It’s an odd issue that is almost exclusively found on the beige interior limited trims and seems to be isolated in most cases to the headrests. People have had success eliminating the odor by treating the foam in the headrests, but there’s no reason that shouldn’t be handled under warranty.

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Does it have affect Tellurides with similar interiors?

I wasn’t impressed with the interior whether it stinks or not.

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I don’t know. I don’t follow the Telluride forums, although, I haven’t heard any moaning on the Palisade forums about what Kia did/didn’t do about it, so I’m guessing no.

I have this dreaded garlic smell in my Palisade… black nappa leather. It is definitely coming from the headrest area. I am hoping now that it is getting a bunch of media that Hyundai will put more effort into finding a fix for this. I would imagine the only true fix is to replace the headrests with new ones that do not have the smell issue, but of course they have to identify why they are smelling. General consensus amongst the Palisade forums is that it is the foam itself or the adhesive used in the headrests causing the garlic offgassing smell.

Interesting. Most seem to be isolated to the beige interior. Haven’t heard about many black interiors having this.

Definitely seems to be only an issue on the limited interior with the nappa leather though. I don’t think I’ve heard of any of the lower trims having it.

Yup, not as many black nappa owners have mentioned the smell… my wife hates me because I bought charcoal bags for the car and I explained to her about the smell. She said she did not smell it at all, but now that I pointed it out to her, thats all she smells.

Moral of the story right there lol

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She sweated a lot and smelled like tires.


I just spit out my drink. :rofl::rofl::rofl: