Why don't people lease F250's and F350's

I need a truck to pull my trailer. While shopping used and new, to purchase, we saw that there is very little difference between new and used ones. This means they are holding their values well. We switched to the idea of new then but it made me wonder why there are not more leases on these?
Wear and tear? Mileage?
We would not be putting more than 15K a year and it would be a personal vehicle.
Would it be good to lease if I can find a dealer to do it? We like to switch cars a lot and have never kept one past 4 years but they are always in beautiful condition when we get rid of them.
I am thinking F250/350 Platinum with the Diesel and 4 by 4

Many banks wont lease a HD truck because they assume it going to be worked.

In Mass and NH a handful will, but at a premium.

Also business owners can buy them and take advantage of the accelerated deprecation on GVWR 6000lbs+ vehicles


The new half tons tow so much more than what they used to, if you’re buying a 3/4 or 1 ton truck it’s most likely going to be for work and banks tend to stray away from leasing vehicles for work such as ride sharing services, hot shotting, etc. etc.

It’s unfortunate Mfr’s won’t offer/support HD Truck leases. I currently lease a F150, absolutely fantastic vehicle, drives great, and leases as good as any vehicle on the road. But I’m realizing I need something more tow capable so we can upgrade to a larger RV. The resale prices on 3/4 & 1-tons are so strong, that if you want a low mile, late model you might as well buy new. I think the sweet spot is that 4-5 year old, 100-125k miles range. When my F-150 lease is up, I’m seriously considering buying an older, higher model HD truck in the $15-20k range, and find a lease on a cheap Buick Encore or possibly buy a new Honda Fit as the reliable/under Warranty vehicle of the household. And I don’t care what crazy specs they are putting on these newer half-tons, when you start getting to that 7-8000 pound range towing, it starts to become a not-fun experience.

Depends on where you are towing, The 3.5 ecoboost with max trailer tow can handle 7-8k no problem but 10k+ is a stretch especially in the mountains. The new 250/350 platinums are like 80k to almost 100k trucks tho lol.

They don’t need to, the tax code does it.

What do you mean here? How does the tax code affect the truck.

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Missed that. Thanks!

I was speaking with a family member who did a 5 yr lease on his Ford Super Duty, then purchased it at the end of the lease. Dropped a preliminary call to the dealer he has worked with for years who said come on in to talk (of course).

Are these types of programs still available?