Who do you call when doing a lease return?

This is the first time I’m doing a lease return without exchanging for a new vehicle. I’m waiting for BMW to restart production to order a new 2021 vehicle.

Soooo usually I call my broker/salesperson to setup the exchange but because I’m not picking up a new vehicle I have a feeling they don’t really want to be bothered.

So, who do you call at a dealership to arrange a lease return?

I just call the general line. They’ll probably ask you if you got it there.

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I didnt get the car there but I got my 2nd and the eventual replacement from there…

There is usually someone that deals specifically with lease returns at the larger dealerships. Just call them up and ask them who you can talk to in order to ground a lease.

It does not have to be the same dealership. This could happen, but buying a car from the dealer you are returning the car to makes the lease return process a lot easier in terms of picking apart the condition of your car.


Some dealers, particularly right now, are very resistant to taking lease returns that weren’t acquired there.

In this case, you may want to just answer the question “I’ve gotten a few from here” or something like that

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Yeah I have a few cosmetic no nos from my dog in the interior. No insides showing but definitely not optimal. I was hoping they’d work with me on that stuff.

What do you guys think?

I agree with @mllcb42, being that lease returns are not a priority for dealers that need to sell cars rather than take them back.

Not a terrible amount of damage IMO. Go to BMW’s lease returns website. I cannot see anything that specifies as scratches, but you may want to go over the information provided.

You shouldn’t get charged for that.


I hope so… The 2nd picture deff has very small holes (from the dog’s nails)

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BMW makes dealers buy a large portion of their lease returns, which they don’t want to do right now considering their market. From my experience with bmw during this pandemic, they won’t take it unless you are purchasing another car at the same time.

Yeah but (as you know) I don’t have the car I want anywhere lol so I’m at the mercy of waiting.

Sell it to carvana/vroom. Or at least try?


ohh. the carvana thread suggested the buying was back.

Might be. This was in 11735 zip code.

It is on econoboxes and hybrids at least, we’ve seen offers for Nissan Altima, Hyundai Ionias and some other cars.

That’s interesting because they made me a trade in offer last week in SoCal.

They gave me a purchase offer in socal a few days ago.

It was a really bad offer… but it was an offer.

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I was actually going to make a separate post about my three offers: Carvana, Vroom, and my Covid-time visit to CarMax. If I get a few minutes tonight I will.