Which Volvo XC90 Recharge Rebates can be stacked?

Leasehackr rate finder is great at giving you visibility to what VCFS promotions are available.

I had a question on which rebates are stackable. I know I am already eligible for the following rebates on XC90 T8 Recharge:

$2000 Loyalty rebate
$500 A Plan rebate
$1000 Costco Rebate
$7500 EV rebate

Question I have is on 2 other rebates that VCFS has. Those are marked in the circle in the attached picture:

Lease allowance: $1000
VCFS lease bonus: $750

Which of these two can be stacked on top of rebates I am already eligible for?

The ratefindr blocks rebates that cannot be stacked, at least most of the time. The rebates you asked about are stackable.


All of the ones you listed
ev rebate
lease allowance
lease bonus

can all be stacked

since you are in NY you also get NYS drive clean

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Do the same rebates apply to loaners/demos with Volvo?

Yes but the miles need to be used to adjust the residual value

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I am looking at leasing a XC90 T8 ultimate.

3 year: RV : 60% , Money Factor (annual interest) : 6.6%
2 year: RV : 66% , Money Factor (annual interest) : 6.6%

So you would think it’s better to lease for 3 years. You are effectively getting 50% longer lease but your depreciation is only about 25% more.

But there is $12000 of rebate, including $7500 of subsidy. Because those amounts are fixed, in one case it’s spread over 24 months and in another case over 36 months. So you get a lot higher per month rebate over 24 months.

The net affect is that for a 2 year lease my effective per month Payment is only $30 higher than that for a 3 year lease. That seems like a small premium to pay to have the flexibility to upgrade after 2 years. That means over the course of 2 years I have paid about $720 extra and then at the end of 2 years I get to upgrade. I have never been the kind of person who sought this out but given how small of a premium that is, why not.

Just checking if I am missing anything important here.

Sometimes the shorter lease terms also yield a lower effective monthly payment.

I hate picking out cars, and would prefer to do this every three years vs. two.

I regret doing 24 months on my current car (vs. 36), even though 24 made more financial sense, because now I’m forced back into the market a year earlier than I’d like.

Perception of value varies so much from person to person. :slight_smile:


Great point. That’s frankly the only reason why I am considering a 3 year lease.

I am really not enjoying reaching out to dealers again. Even though I knew I want to stick with XC90 and didn’t have to research again. I guess the brokers somewhat make the hassle go down.

The XC90 is on track to reach the previous generation Grand Cherokee level of dinosaur, albeit with a better starting point than an already-old platform. Does it really matter? No, since it’s still a nice car and only a 2 or 3 year lease. Something to consider, though, is that the EV version and hybrid refresh will probably be out in 2 years.

If there are state EV/CF rebates, those sometimes have a 36 month minimum. Not sure about NY.

Volvo also historically offers a 6-month pull ahead, which is optional, but there should you decide to trade early.


I don’t believe so. I have a confirmed offer for 24 months with these rebates included

Probably passed on as cap cost reduction. For NYS in particular, there is a $500 Drive Clean rebate with a minimum term of 36 months, but must be NYS reg and NYS dealer. Not a big deal since it’s only $500–on many EV leases, 24 months makes much more sense.

These small differences (in the payments for 24 vs 36) are only meaningful if the lease itself is a good deal to begin with. Is it?

I believe it is.