Which Toyota Model to Maximize Value

I am in an interesting position where one Toyota dealer offers significantly more amount of money for my trade-in than any other dealer. My goal is to maximize my trade value now and then use the Toyota I am potentially buying as my trade in April/May for purchasing my real target and keep rolling my sales tax in the process. Please assume all the following can be bought at MSRP, which one do you think is a better deal and will hold its value closest to MSRP if not appreciate in the next few months:

  • 2022 Sienna XLE or Limited
  • 2023 4Runner TRD Pro/Limited/TRD Off-road Premium
  • 2023 Sequoia Platinum
  • 2022 Tundra Hybrid CrewMax Limited

None for sure

But the sequoia should hold better than all those assuming they do msrp

If they have a 6 speed Supra take that instead tho :joy:

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Risky all around but I’d say Sienna. Sienna and Odyssey both seem very limited production wise

I’d do a 2023 over a 2022. Even if they were produced on the same day, psychologically a 2022 is going to be a year older.

I bought 4runner SR5 January 22 with same thought process. I am suspecting of loosing $8-10k in residual after driving 16K in 13 months (OTD $47k)

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