Which region is Maine in?

Hello all, noob here.
When I read through the deals here, I notice that many of them are in SoCal, DC, FL area.
I am moving to midcoast Maine at the end of summer and plan to lease a car when I get there. For historical data, which region should I be looking for? New England (I think I’ve seen it abbreviated as NER)?
Also, which of you brokers operate up there?


I should be more specific: Toyota RAV4, Volvo XC40/XC60, and Subaru Forester/Outback is what I am looking at.

Definitely New England. Will leave the broker question to the pros. Welcome!

NER = North East Region.

Thanks! This site is great, I totally see the light. I never even considered a lease until I saw the numbers here.

Are you and @Orange related?

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Uh oh… They’re onto us.

My long lost citrus sibling!

100% New England! Love Downeast Maine, that’s what it’s called btw, not Midcoast. Deer Isle is an epic spot. Enjoy the summers and Maine Beer Co. Heady Topper from VT if you can find it too!