Which "luxury" brands lease well?

Hi all - new to the community and I’m beginning my research to lease for the first time.

I’ve looked around the internets for awhile but couldn’t find a concrete answer to the question: which luxury brands lease well? I was under the assumption that Audi was a good option, but I see that the RV is pretty subpar.

So, can you guys tell me which luxury brands hold their value the best? I’d either be looking at sedans or crossover SUVs.


Audis traditionally don’t lease well. BMW and Mercedes usually lease better with certain exceptions. BMW is getting rid of their MSD program so that will hurt a bit. Neither BMW nor Mercedes necessarily hold their value better, but you usually get some artificially high residuals as they seem to bump them up to get more leases. It looks to me like BMW is trying to do fewer leases with the changes in their programs of late, but Mercedes isn’t making any of the same changes as far as I know.
You can also find some good deals on Infiniti and Lexus depending on the model and time of year. If you search the forums for specific models, you can see the past deals that people have worked on just about anything.

Lincoln will have some decent lease offers occasionally.

Exactly what I was looking for… thanks!

As long as we are spit balling - whats the best high end car lease out there right now? I’ve seen some Jaguar XJs that look promising at 650 per month (but with 5k down). Of course the Ghibli would be a contender. What else should the 650 plus crowd be looking at? Thanks!

Lexus leases best IMO, however that may be empirically provable. #1 rule of thumb on leasing is residual value. Pretty hard to beat Toyo/Lexus there.

RV is only 1 part of the equation. If MF is high or you cannot get a deep discount off MSRP, you will not get a great deal.

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Maybach was a great deal

Just boggles my mind why everything from Linclon/Lexus/Jaguar gets included into “luxury”, but not Volvo.


I don’t think it was intentional. It’s just that there are so many out there that listing every single one could take forever. If I was leasing a luxury SUV right now, it would be the new XC90, but it’s also probably not the best lease value.

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Yeah, I know. But that’s what surprises me - Volvo never comes up when people talking “luxury” cars, but Lexus always gets mentioned. There are deals on Volvo cars.

I love the new Volvo’s but like you said they don’t lease very well. That plug in xc90 is 800+ a month on lease. Perfect car for my family but needs to be in the 550 range.

The s90 seems to be a very good value - especially when they are paying up to 4500 in early lease return fees on current leased car.

Redesigned 2018 XC60 coming soon, but there won’t be good deals for a while.

The plug-in XC90 starts at $105k and you want it for $550/month?

There is also $6K lease cash on T6 AWD, which gets you close to 1% without any negotiations on MSRP Cap Cost.

I was trying to say that I thought it was a “rip off” at that price and should be 550-650. Overpriced…

Just leased a loaded Jaguar XE 35t AWD with a $3000 worth of incetives for 348/m with 3k out the door in PA. That’s 340 horsepower. At least in my area Jaguar has to many good offers at the moment to not seriously consider them.

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I believe the local Volvo dealer near me had a loaner plug-in for 600 a month last year. So yeah, doable. Who buys a 105k Volvo? Even the Cayenne is less than that!

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Same people that pay $700-$800/month for a fake AMG (C43)?