Which loaded full size truck leases the best right now

Crew cab, 4x4
Ram Laramie and up
F150 lariat and up
Chevy LTZ and up
Sierrra SLT and up

Can’t do Tundra. Way too dated. No proximity key and parking sensors suck to name a couple. I live and NorCal and am looking to lease ASAP. Thanks guys.

The only reason I leased a tundra, despite it’s few tech limitations, was it’s under $300/mo and only a 2 year lease, which I’ll likely swap when a better full size becomes available at that price.

I’ve had no issues with parking sensors, lack of CarPlay is really the only major issue. I had carplay in my Jeep gc Trailhawk and turned it off most of the time bc I was sick of getting calls and texts interrupting my music!

What other issues do you find with a tundra limited? I think it’s the best value in the class at under $450/mo for 24 months.

Traditionally, GM crew cabs have leased poorly with the exception of the Denali.

I would recommend staying away from the LTZ, SLT, and High Country and looking at the Denali.

Depending on where you live, I really don’t like Ford leases because you have to pay excise tax in your monthly payment. They’re also nearly impossible to get out of early.

In MA, I just did a $61400 Laramie w all the options for 575/month w first payment due.

Last year, I got myself a Sierra Denali w at $499 w only first payment due. The 18 Denali’s are where the good deals are if you are OK w that body style. Still over 600/month right now though.

Overall, I would focus on the Laramie (not Limited) and Denali from the GM family.

loaded means ram limited, sierra denali or f150 king ranch/platinum/limited. The laramie and lariat are basically mid level trims, although they can be optioned near the luxury trims many trucks are optioned lightly to keep the msrp down. If you step up to the luxury trims you are looking at roughly 600 a month on a 10k mile lease. The laramie’s have better deals than the lariat’s but ford kicks ram’s @ss up and down the street in horsepower and torque not to mention ram does not offer a turbo to combat power loss in high altitudes, and gets much better gas mileage than the ram with the new 10 speed and auto start/stop. When it comes to trucks you need to evaluate your usage and then narrow down which truck can perform.

RAM 1500 (2018) best for a deal but to get the latest tech and lux - 2019 is the best

Nissan’s website says they’re giving something like $7500 in incentives on 2018 Titans. And I’m seeing 63/64% residuals for 24 month.

Thanks J. You are right. Price wise can’t be beat. After looking more into it. I would be down. Cody in SoCal Toyota has pretty solid deals. 380 for TRD off road, and about 450ish for a limited with about 1200 down. Any other avenues I can take to find a deal?

2pac I was hoping you would chime in. You are the go to truck guy. I have been following your posts for awhile now. You know your stuff and have great taste.

My main goal in the truck is a big safe family hauler. That’s it. I do like the versatility of a truck so not looking for truck based suvs. Already have an Armada.

I do like the Titan Pro4x and Platinum Reserve. Wonder what kind of deals can be had. Still many 18’s available.

thanks, I’m still new to trucks but as for looking for trucks it really depends on what you’re going to use it for and your budget as well as family size, supercrew is definitely the way to go if you have a family but you can get away with the supercab config (2 doors with suicide doors in the rear for extra passengers) if you dont normally carry passengers. the new ram and the f150 are the best in my opinion with a personal preference towards the f150 but you really have to drive some of these trucks and see how you like them.

I believe Nissan has stopped lease offers on the 2018s, which is unfortunate. At any rate, the incentives appear to have been for purchase deals, not leases. :frowning_face: