Which is better?


Which one is better?
2020 Honda CRV
2020 Hyundai Santa Fe
2020 Chevy Equinox

If ten people respond you’ll get ten different answers. You’ll need to research these on your own and determine what’s best for your purposes and fits your needs.


Honestly, you’ve been a registered member for a week, and likely a lurker for some time previous, can you show the members of this forum a little respect, and put a little more thought into your msg title?!?!

Think about someone doing a forum search in the future, and they get a search result for a msg that says,

"Which is Better" How does this help anyone, or give them a clue what your msg is about. Thats why users have options to include tags for Mfg’r, state/region, brand etc, none of which this msg includes.

You’ve already had a post or two quickly closed, and its becoming a repeat pattern of yours.


All 3 of these have been reviewed multiple times by multiple people. Google them.

Better yet, test drive all 3 and see for yourself. “Which is better” is highly subjective. Nobody will ever agree 100% on just one of them.