Which do you prefer?

So I am in the market for a new vehicle, and I am in between manual sporty vehicles under 30k like mustang ecoboost and comfortable/SUVs under 30k. I always wanted sporty cars until now. Unfortunately I am moving from Texas to LA, which makes me worry about the traffic. What is your suggestion? Yes I know mustang is a terrible lease, but I will move to different nation in 3 years. Should I go for the safe route or fulfill my dream?

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Fulfill your dream. Life is too short to make boring choices.

I still remember a quote I read as a teenager in an article in a car mag about a high school teacher who drove a Jaguar E-type as his daily: “Sooner than you think you will be in a nursing home with a blanket over your legs, and by then it’s too late to drive an E-type!”