Which car/SUV to lease for $500/month or less?



My mother in law is in the market for a new car, and has settled on leasing a car for around $500/month (and assuming minimal up front payments). She is in her mid-60s, so no low riders or anything too sporty. I’m thinking some kind of luxury-ish mid-sized SUV (think Rav4 sized). The less complex, the better (so unfortunately no EVs).
If anyone knows of some sweet current deals on luxury(ish) mid-sized SUVs in CA (San Jose area, specifically), let me know! Thanks.




Maybe a base or luxury trim 2019 XT5? high volume Cadillac dealerships are willing to cut some pretty big discounts. Don’t know how the incentives or MF has changed since December. Car is a little bigger than the last generation Rav4, not sure how it compares SIZE wise to brand new 2019. An X1 or X2, but that may border on the complex side for tech.


Acura RDX, Lexus NX, Volvo XC40 or Audi Q5 are some options.

Definitely try to aim for leftover 2018 models to maximize savings.


Tesla Model x :wink:


If you can find a 2018 Audi Q5 you can easily get one in the $500/month range with little to no money down, was just refresh in 2018


Just leased my mom a well appointed Infiniti QX60 from Beshoff Infiniti. Several of us on here have worked with Cesar the Sales Manager. This is the third Infiniti lease I’ve negotiated (a Qx60 for myself and Qx30 for my mother in law) and he is the best I’ve worked with. Negotiated most everything via text. My lease is up in July and I hope to work with them again. All of our leases are $425 and under for reference. PM me if you want his cell number.

Good luck!


Thanks for the suggestions. So a full size sedan is also acceptable, so I guess toss that in the mix. Actually I think a full size sedan (think Camry size) is preferable to her, as her current car is a Camry.


She should get the one she likes best. :stuck_out_tongue:


I literally don’t think she cares that much, just as long as it is a luxury-ish car and is under $500/month (and it’s a good deal).


Lexus ES?
Lincoln MKZ?