Which car should I lease?

I have owned two AWD Turbo cars over the past 20 years… 01 S4, 07 Volvo S60r. I am looking to lease a new car but REALLY conflicted on what to buy. Looking at Q65, Q50S, Charger Scat Pack, Charger r/T, Volvo S60, and basically anything with some power. Any suggestions? Looking to lease over buy

The one you like best and can afford.


This. Find the car you like most and we can help get the best deal possible. We cannot pick a car for your tastes.

Which one is this?

This isn’t really the right forum to help you cross shop. You are casting your net too broad before coming here. These German, Japanese and American sedans all qualify for having “some power,” so my recommendation would be to spend a weekend or 2 test driving all of these and see which ones you like the best. Their driving dynamics are vastly different and the charger is significantly bigger than the other 2 choices.

You’ll have the best luck with this site if you narrow your selection down to a couple and start getting quotes.

Or is the question you wanted to ask “which of these sedans leases the best?” In that case, toss out MSRPs as the comparison point because the incentive structure for each of these brands are different. Search this forum for recent threads on each to see what deal structures others have posted and start getting some quotes in your area.

You’ll be looking at captive leases for the Volvo and Infiniti and CCap or a credit union lease on the charger (if you live in an area where a cu leases).

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Did you mean Q60s?

OP, research these cars, test drive them then narrow your search. Blindly asking the internet to help you choose a car is futile. The one someone loves, you could hate.

Take some time and drive the cars you’re interested in.

@RVguy has some sound advice. Please heed.