Where you guys list your cars for sale before trying Carvana and Vroom?

I have a Maserati GranTurismo Sport Convertible I’m thinking of selling, what online places do you guys usually list your cars on, Cargurus, Autotrader? My car has a factory extended warranty until 7/2020, front paint protection film and a K40 system as Carvana at least said they can’t resell it with the warranty and don’t value the add-ons which are understandable. I’m in NY so it would probably be sold to an out of state buyer I assume or at a discount locally which is fine.

Maserati GranTurismo on NY roads. Perfect marriage :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bring a Trailer (https://bringatrailer.com/auctions/) might be one of the better places. They tend to value upgrades and good owners, but to get the best price there you need to be open (and communicative), and thick skinned as they’ll pick over any issue. They tend to favour exotics there too.

Funny you should say that. Just got two new front tires because one of the fronts got a flat two months ago. The PSS are much better than the P Zero’s 3/4 original P Zeros got bubbles in the side wall the last one got a hole. This is the third set of front and second set of rear tires. Tried the fix a flat and no luck on the one with the hole. Maserati service advisor was confused why I used it and said they had never seen anyone use it before. Had to dig around the Maseratilife forums and even there only one guy bought the replacement canister.

How reliable would you say the bidders are of being actually qualified and able to pay for the vehicle? My concern is a winning bidder not paying like what happens on eBay and I am a eBay PowerSeller so I see quite a bit of it.

That and bumpers.

I’ve monitored sales on BAT a bit and the cars here seem to sell at a premium, probably to cover auction fees. Might be good for a seller with a unique car to sell, but doesnt seem great for buyers to find a great deal. Have you noticed it to be different? Just curious.

It’s more work during the auction phase as they have pretty high standards you have to meet in terms of photos and documents, but it’s worth it as they have a very large community. Seller pays $99 to list but no other fees, every bidder has a 5% hold placed based on there bidding amount to prevent seller being left in the lurch if they back out. Ebay is a meatmarket, BaT is much more specialist. Check out the FAQ: https://bringatrailer.com/faq/

@Lovesadeal I’ve watched a few vehicles on there, it’s more of an exotics place compared to say Mecum which tends to be much more domestic oriented (except for probably Mecum Monterey). I’d agree it’s better for sellers than buyers as they only pay $99 and the rest of the fees are paid by the buyer, and they have an audience size that means bargains are rare.

Some interesting stories as well that develop with the cars like a Bentley that had supposedly been in Finland but BaT affienciandos tracked to Russia and all hell broke loose in the comments: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2005-bentley-continental-gt-8/

Thank you. I have all the receipts since I got it with 1,8XX miles. Tyler Hoover’s car was also exported to Finland and turned out it was common to import them to Finland then on to Russia. My cars mirror switch is loose after it was returned from the dealer, do you suggest fixing it first or stating it and then accepting 1K off for the part and inconvenience. The only issue I could see is some faint marks on the driver side door, which I would disclose and show pictures of along with any rock chips.

Wow, thats impressive. Thanks for the info. Im going to peruse their inventory now.

I think for minor things it doesn’t really affect the price, and most people actually are more likely to trust a seller if they disclose any small issue. Having the paint protection film will also make you look good as most will want that done anyway.

Is the switch something you can fix yourself, maybe with the part from a scrapyard? Not a big deal if it still works anyway.

It works but feels loose like the retaining clip is loose inside. It was sent to the dealer because the mirror wasn’t folding down when the car went into reverse then it came back like that. I think i found the part new on eBay for 125 +8 shipping from exotic recycling for the switch but can’t find the plastic housing if it’s that, though I have a warranty dealer wouldn’t take responsibility and said trim isn’t covered though it didn’t go in like that. Same dealer broke another piece of wood trim and luckily I contacted them a few hours after they delivered it. They again said it wasn’t covered but magicly then Maserati covered it. Not going back to that dealer. Yes I would disclose everything and take lots of pictures as eBay seller I know there is no such thing as too many pictures. Calipers were repainted factory red color by the dealer with proper script instead of the original anodized because a detailer used a degreaser that faded the original calipers. This was done this summer when the car was inspected for the extended warranty.

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