Where to start? Definitive source for MF and Residual?

Where does one find what the MF and residual SHOULD be before starting negotiations? I’ve been curious about this. Many people come here and ask for those numbers. For the people that answer them, where do they get their info?

I was negotiating a grand Cherokee deal and the MF was higher than what I was told/read it should be. Their response to my inquiry into this was that the particular bank the deal was going through had better rebates, so it was net more advantageous to use them, etc. etc. etc. Seemed shady to me. Is there a definitive source that I can reference to cut the bull from step one?

Thank you to all who routinely contribute here. I’ve learned so much from all of you. Very much appreciated!!

I would ask on here (and also on Edmunds forums if necessary).

At one time Toyota’s residuals were dollar based, no % based. I’ve had a couple dealers who actually wanted my business correct me on the residual. Others will not answer direct questions about MF, RV, etc and just want to talk about monthly payments and $ due at signing, regardless of how knowledgeable you are as a consumer.

This assumes all the dealerships you are talking to are using the same OEM captive finance co (Toyota Fin’l Svc for Toyota, for example). If someone is using an outside (non-captive) finance co like US Bank or something, then their residuals and MF will be different, obviously.

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I used Edmunds forums, but got my last MF/RV here because Edmunds did not have Volvo numbers at that point. But in general - Edmunds has it for pretty much all makes/models. Here and/or on Edmunds you should be able to get info you need.

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That’s good to know. I guess I was wondering where the most knowledgeable on this forum get their numbers, so I don’t have to bother everyone for info on everything with 4 wheels.

The reason for this is I’m looking for an entry-level luxury SUV with $0 down, 15k miles, and a payment below $350 including taxes. I’m not tied to any Brand or Model, so I thought I’d start by assessing the best MF/Residual/Incentive combo first. This doesn’t seem to be the best approach given all of the variables involved and lack of transparency/consistency between them. Add in the Dealers ability to use different finance companies and it becomes even less straight forward…

I guess that’s what makes this forum so helpful! People sharing ideas and deals… Thanks for the info.

The Equinox is making the rounds here … anywhere from $150 to $220/mo

In western PA, I’ve been getting numbers for 2017 Equinox around $240-260 for the LT AWD with convenience package. That’s 24/10k miles, 36 months is just slightly higher.

I just call two or three dealers and ask. Dealers in SoCal are very used to this… and almost always give buy rate.