Where to find incentives (other than Edmunds)

Before I take a heat round to the face let me preface by saying: I always start my research by going to Edmunds and getting MF/RV and incentives.

It seems like many times, though, there are incentives available that Edmunds doesn’t tell you about (things like military, Costco, loyalty, etc.). Is there a better place to find out about all current incentives? I’ve looked on Cosco, and they list a lot of manufacturer incentives as well, but it can be hard to interpret what I might qualify for, and I usually find myself wondering if I’m missing anything.

Any help is much appreciated!

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Many people check Autobytel for the incentives, which seems to work for all brands. There are a few brand specific tricks too, but Autobytel seems pretty reliable.


Thanks! I’ll check them out

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Follow-up question: how do you know which rebates you qualify for? Can I get both lease cash and other bonus cash (like finance company cash)?

Incentives like that (lease cash/finance cash) are either/or depending (if you finance the car, you aren’t leasing, or vice versa). You get the incentive that matches which you are doing.

Similarly if they offer conquest / loyalty you can claim either but not both.

Affiliate-type rebates (Military, first responder, usaa, penfed, teacher, etc) typically you can claim 1, if you are eligible for multiple choose the largest one.

Costco only makes sense if the manufacturer (eg Audi, Chevy, Volvo) is running a special program with them that month, otherwise it’s a white-label of True Car.

Manufacturers have different rules about what you may/not stack. Are there specific ones you are looking at?

Thanks for all your help! Unfortunately there’s not a specific make/model I’m looking at- I’m trying to cast a wide net, and find the least expensive lease for a hybrid or EV.

I know that’s pretty broad- I have already looked into the Bolt, Niro, Kona, and Ioniq- and consider them all options.

Cost is my biggest concern. A cool car would be neat, but I’m about to start graduate school, and just had my first kid, so my priority right now is to save money.

Thanks again!


Hard to beat the Bolt for a low-cost lease

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Typically anything that includes words like “retail” and “finance” are not applicable to leases.

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