Where to find currently available BMW incentives online?

How do I find a list of current lease incentives for BMWs? The official site at https://www.bmwusa.com/special-offers.html doesn’t seem to list all of them. For example, it shows $1500 lease credit for a 2021 M340i but says nothing about loyalty/conquest/new graduate/lease-to-lease credit etc.

Edmunds has individual forums for each model which gives great info about RV/MF but the information about incentives seems slightly out of date from what I found. Example: They are saying no lease incentives currently on 2020 7 Series while I got conflicting information that there is $3000 loyalty.

And if I am leasing from a dealer out of state, do the incentives in my region apply or the incentives from the dealers’ region?

Thanks in advance!

The edmunds forum guys will sometimes omit loyalty/ conquest incentives unless specifically asked for it.


Loyalty/Conquest are different for different models, right? Is there a way to look these up?

This isn’t a bad place to start:

There are some types of incentives that you won’t find posted online anywhere, you usually hear about them through other people’s deals or from employees (eg flagship).

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Autobytel seems to have them


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