Where to buy lease returns?

Where can I find cars that have been returned or are at the end of there lease? Is there anywhere people post their vehicles at the end for buyout? Seems like it would be a good deal for a three year old car vs paying the dealer markup.


Manheim auctions :slight_smile:

These people don’t own the cars. Can’t sell what you don’t own. Buying the car in order to sell it incurs sales tax which destroys much of the theoretical savings

The bank owning the car won’t sell directly to the public either as they don’t have a dealer license and it’s not a business they want to be in.

Manheim and Adesa.

Keep in mind that wholesale lease returns are almost always not reconditioned. In theory, it sounds like a great deal, until you start adding broker fees, auction fees and the cost of reconditioning (tires, brakes, etc). It works best when you can find a vehicle that is still under warranty, so at least the warranty covered parts can be addressed, at minimum cost. I’ve done this a few times and have had more misses then hits.