Where is the $3000 ford PCO?

The current link I have to another forum where a user entered your information to get the 3k PCO is no longer working. I was wondering if anyone knew of any alternative ways to get that 3k PCO? If you know anything, please PM me! Thank you!

I called ford in hopes of them getting me one, they said they cannot generate them there because it is a marketing company that gives out the PCO’s which they don’t have any information on and can’t direct me to them.

When there done there done. Only chance is to find someone with an active offer that isnt targeted to a specific individual. Good luck!! I hope you find one!!

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Not sure if you still need one, but $2000 PCO offers are popping up on my phone, just about anywhere I browse.

I take it Maroon 5 is the super bowl headliner this year :slight_smile:

And a bunch of people are irritated since they expected an Atlanta act to headline…

Yeah, I just read it after I saw your screen grab. I didn’t realize they announced it.

What site were you visiting? I keep browsing around but never see it.

Edmund’s, leasehackr, a bunch of Ford dealer websites, I think are what triggered it.

Gmmm them damn cookies. I have been looking one for myself lol. When you need em, they dont show up lol

Could it be your popup blocker?

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Didnt think of that will check. Thanks