Where have the Chevrolet customers gone?

I have not seen much activity in this forum about Chevrolet vehicles. Are the Hackrs done with Chevrolet this month?

Same place Ford customers went? - To literally all the other brands.


Shots fired

Have Chevrolet vehicles been worth leasing? What do the deals look like? With their focus on trucks and crossovers, I haven’t really seen many leaders gravitating towards Chevy.

But then this was all calculated by Chevy as they refocused their business… right? Right?

They are all waiting for the Mid Engine Corvette.

In all seriousness, with respect to you and the other Chevy dealers here, @chevysalesgirl is kind of the driving force for Chevy activity on this site usually, and I think she’s been tied up with some more important stuff lately. Hope everything is going OK!

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I have already burnt all my miles on Cruze and the lease is expiring by March end. Waiting for Chevy to bring great rebates in March again. Will have to pay price per mile until then.

Hey hey this post was not in the marketplace. no promoting your favorites on this post. She get enough attention. lol. Let’s have a real discussion. Us Chevy dealerships are getting hundreds to thousands of leads per month. I would imagine from people just looking in the display window. I just have not seen much buzz about Chevy vehicles on this forum except for the $239 mo Volt lease from March 2018.

thanks yeah. pops came home today. heart attack. :disappointed: but recovering now.

&& in regards to chevy month, almost all the programs are the same, equinox slightly higher and sept-dec was exhausting. still doing a lot of deals, just working by email/text ever since i posted my numbers.


It wasn’t meant to play favorites, I’d just venture to guess that based on longevity and reputation her posts drive a lot of GM related traffic, Chevy in particular. Everyone here knows that March is usually when GM activity picks up after the holidays, assuming they keep the incentive cycle that has been going on for the past several years. They’ll be plenty of people looking for a good Chevy deal in March as long as the select name plate conquest comes back, and interest rates don’t keep clobbering the good deals. It will be interesting to see how they handle RV% for the outgoing models like the Volt, Cruze and Impala. There could be some good deals to be had there with the Conquest as long as GM doesn’t murder the numbers on them.

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GM dropped 2018 lease support on pretty much all models, so the 2019 are not being discounted heavily yet and lease cash is not heavy yet. GM is trying to make some $$$$ before having to put the incentives out.

I too am waiting for Feb, but probably March for the unicorn deal under $150 with nothing down for Encore, Trax, Cruze, possibly Malibu, possibly Nox/Terrain. Unfortunately, GM Card top off offer ends Feb 28, so I suspect they will bring back the heavier incentives in March like last year. They usually do not have GM card top off and big incentives at the same time, but last year they did. That’s why I think they did the top off offer for Jan-Feb this year.

my understanding is that those two cars are being discontinued in March … could be a good opportunity

GM card worth getting these days? I’ve only heard that only if you have the original GM card from the 90s that it’s worth it because the offers are too restricted now. Can you comment?

Depending on your region, if there’s Auto Show bonus cash at the same time as the top-off, you can come close, even do better on some models if the Asian Conquest isn’t available for a particular model. Last February I was able to take advantage of the Auto Show CCR in the Philly market and combine it with the top off. It ended up being a slightly better deal, if not the same as what March offered, because IIRC the 3000 dollars wasn’t available on the Acadia for whatever reason.

I have the new one, and from my understanding there are redemption limits on earned points depending on the model of car, however the promotional top off amounts are not subjected to that limit. All in all its a nice card to have just for the top off, even if you don’t use it for much else.

What do you mean with “top off”? Can you explain the main benefits of that card from a LH perspective?

I have an old Copper card that earns 5% all the time. But the amount you can use is limited per model. $1,000 for cheap cars, $1,500 mid range, etc… The new card you earn 5% only on the first $5,000 spent yearly, then 2% on the rest. But you can use all your earnings without restriction.

I like my old copper card better because I can get to the $1,500 vehicle limit fairly quickly by earning 5% and then use other credit cards for other rewards. Plus, GM will top off the card a couple times yearly and you can use the bonus above and beyond the normal vehicle limits. Right now my wife has $1,700 in earnings and a top off offer of $2,000. She can use $1,000 on an Encore plus the $2,000 bonus, so $3,000 total. Or she could use $1,500 on an Envision plus the $2,000 so a total of $3,500. That is a huge credit card reward for only spending about $34,000. Actually, even less than $34,000 becasue they do other bonus earnings, like spend $250 at restaurants in December, get a $100 extra earnings.

It appears to be staggered between the Winter and Summer months between cardholders, but once a year the GM Buypower Card offers a bonus “Top off” amount that can be applied to a purchase or lease of a GM vehicle, in addition to your current earnings on the card. The amount varies, I’ve seen 500 dollars, I’ve received 2,000 before, I’ve heard of people receiving 4,000 before. I’m not sure what their rhyme or reason is for the amount offered. You can go into your account and add certain models that you are interested in getting in the future, so that may have something to do with it, in addition to your spending habits, etc. This top off is good for a limited time only, usually a couple of months, and it’s “use it or lose it”. It’s applied like a rebate at the dealership after negotiating your best price. Hope that’s helpful, if I missed anything I’m sure I’ll be corrected by someone!

About once or twice per year, GM card will “top off” or give you a bonus on your earnings. A few years ago, they topped off my wife’s card to $4,000 from earnings of about $2,000. We bought a new 2012 SRX that was heavily discounted in Jan 2013. I was not a lease hacker back then, because I should have used it to score a unicorn lease deal instead of buying a heavily depreciating asset!!

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This is the truth… With a decent top off bonus of 2000 bucks you can shave 60 bucks a month off a lease deal before you even research rebates or negotiate prices.

do they ever have the top off bonuses during months when it matters? Like December for example?

If they only let you use $1000 of your earnings for example, what happens with the rest of your earnings? Lets say you accumulate $3000 in earnings, you get an encore with the extra $1000 then you have $2000 left. What do you do with that for the next three years? Do you just hold on and stop using the card?