Where does Infiniti financial pull from on the East Coast?

Just wondering if anyone knows if Infiniti pulls from EQ? I’m thinking about taking over someone’s lease. My EQ score is 750 and I’m sure that would work. But my EX score is 680 and that would probably get a denial. I guess I could just go to a dealer and pick up a new car but I’d rather avoid that. Plus I love being able to get a car for only 24 months if I can.

If anyone has any idea, I’d greatly appreciate it.


They usually pull Experian but if your Equifax is higher they’ll usually use that.

Just something to think about: for Infiniti leases, the original leasee is still liable for the lease, so not sure they would want to transfer to someone that is somewhat “questionable.”

Thanks…good point…do you think it’s absolutely ridiculous to pay all the remaining payments up front? I’m not too worried about totalling the car. It’s more psychological than anything. Get the car, make all the payments and drive the car for the next couple of years without worrying about it. Perhaps if I offered to deposit the money in an escrow account they wouldn’t mind transferring the lease to me.