Where do you invest your money?

I hate to admit but I have a four year debt receipt in the study of Economics. While being indoctrinated into socialism I was a huge fan of “Milton Keynes”.


Milty fan here, but the other one…Friedman.

MMT and govt dictates about production (organic!) didn’t work out so well for Sri Lanka. Does it even exist?


We are the carbon they’re trying to reduce. :wink:


I am far from a degree in Economics but I’ve read a lot of books and grew up on the internet. I am huge fan of Ludwig von Mises and eventually found R. Buckminster Fuller and that’s how I got into Bitcoin.

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I actually had only one professor ever mention the Austrian school while I was in business school at PSU. The rest just shoved Keynesian garbage down your throat. You get what you pay for I guess. God forbid they teach opposing ideologies and let the students decide for themselves what actually makes common sense…

If you guys are on Facebook this is a great group…

Same. But at least back in the olden days (like 25 years ago) even the Keynesian profs I had at least allowed debate in class. I had one prof who taught Environmental Economics. On Day 1 he said I am a socialist, but I want you to challenge me. And that was a fun class because us evil capitalists would go at it with him. And that was true generally. You were allowed to have an opinion and not just regurgitate what the textbook said. You know, kinda the whole point of college.

Today that no longer exists sadly. You’d be thrown out of college for H8 speech if you dared question the orthodoxy.


Funny enough i had the same experience at both Universities i went too. It wasnt until a brief stint at a community college later in life that a Professor flipped a switch for me. Cant remember the class name but it was one of Math Econ courses. Oddly we showed up to class that day to find a TV on a cart at the front of the classroom. The Prof gave a five minute spiel about this not being part of the curriculum or endorsed by the school…He then played the Zeitgeist Addendum for us.

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I had several professors in community college classes I took during the summer, cheap credits, that blew away my PSU teachers. The main difference is they weren’t lifelong “academics”. They all made their money in private industry and wanted to give back…


Give me someone from the real world vs academia every day of the week and twice on Sunday.


Most of my finance professors were like that. They were real world very succesful finance professionals who taught a class or two on the side. Compared to lifelong academic econ profs who started every concept with “suppose we lived in an ideal world where xyz happens”, which always showed me how ridiculous economic theory can be.

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You mean like this? Great movie…


ok well i definitely feel more secure in your opinions after reading that.

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So krugman and Robert reich then? I prefer the greggo perspective.

neither thanks. try richard wolff for the more interesting takes or dean baker for the normies.

Hahahaha, Marxism really?

Do you also support “you will own nothing and be happy”

Interesting concept but by the time the trades post it’s prob too late. This is what the cleptocracy has devolved to…sad

Reporting Delay Risk. Members of Congress are required to report certain securities transactions (purchases, sales or exchanges of assets covered by the STOCK Act)
totaling over $1,000 within 30 days of purchasing those securities. Accordingly, the Fund will not purchase…

That’s “Enron Adviser” Paul Krugman.

Any expertise on this, or should I bark up an entirely different tree with my question?

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Oof. UK is getting destroyed as we speak. CDS never lies and you always have to move where the puck is going, not where it is. The rising value in the USD is crashing other sovereign currencies like UK, Japan, etc.

The US IS the world’s lender and will be one of the last countries to default on its debt. At this point, I don’t know who is crazy enough buy UST. The Fed themselves are selling their UST. What does that tell you? Japan is selling UST and buying their own and hopes of strengthen their own currency against the rising USD. Put yourself on opposite side of the US for a second. Would any of you lend money to a borrower whose only route to paying you back is by printing that same money? That’s the current state of the UST, and nobody wants it.

Insane times in fx. Bonds will suck the absolute life out of equities. Basically a financial world war. Europe is doneso. Just a totally failed continent.