When to haggle and when to move on?

Hello, I have been lurking for a potential 330i BMW lease, and thought of making an attempt.

This is my first request to a dealer on lease numbers. I saw that this car was in the lot for 100+ days, which gave me the best chance, in my opinion. Seems not to be the case. Below is my first attempt at the Leasehackr Calculator with the given numbers, although monthly payment and DAS don’t match lol… (see notes for given specific numbers)

Leasehacker Calculator

So these numbers obviously seem pretty expensive compared to others I saw (even compared to what brokers are offering)- so I was wondering what would be a potential strategy to start discussing further? Or are numbers like that indication for me to just say “thanks for your time” and move on?

Thanks all. Would appreciate any tips/advice.

Looks legit. You got a base MF of 0.00145.

Have you looked up available incentives on autobytel? Maybe try to haggle down the price a bit more. Go on car pricing sites like edmunds truemarketvalue to see what the market value is for your car.

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Ask for more discount on selling price.
Do u qualify for other incentives/rebates?

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Ask for $41,500-42,000 before incentives and inform yourself of which you qualify for.

  • Lease cash is good for $500-1,000.
  • Conquest and or also recent College Grad $1,000
  • Loyalty is $2,000
  • USAA is $250
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thanks and to others as well.

Not sure about lease cash- is that different from what the dealer noted as “rebate” of $2000? (I put that in as final price before incentives).

Unfortunately, I graduated a long time ago, and haven’t owned a BMW before.

However, I do have a vehicle I want to trade in- does that qualify me to get the conquest certificate? Not too sure about this.

Also, my DAS seems to be different from their given numbers as well as the monthly- not sure what is wrong there.

thanks for the continued help!