When leasing through a bank, shouldn't i get to use all retail rebates?

When I lease through a bank the bank buys the vehicle and leases it to me, it is a retail buy for the bank. So…when figuring a bank lease, I should use their residual, MF, ect but shouldn’t my negotiating and pricing be based on a retail buy…ie I get retail rebates…I am actually negotiating a buy for the bank who is in turn going to lease it to me? i am working specifically Ram and Toyota currently. Thank you for any input.
My argument here is not lease vs finance, it is manufacture financing (purchase or lease) vs manufacture selling the vehicle regardless of to whom or how.
the manufacture either sells the vehicle and gets paid or keeps the ownership until it is paid off or a lease expires.
I assume the purchase rebates are often times greater to incentivize “selling” and getting all the money. When they sell a vehicle to a third party, (person or bank) they get all the money at sale, so all “sales” to third parties should get selling rebates regardless of what happens once the vehicle is sold ( driven, parked, crushed or leased to another)

All leases are through a “bank.” Are you referring to captives and 3rd parties as “banks” or just 3 parties?

Rebates for finance are for financing. Lease rebates are for leases.


I am thinking leasing through USbank or Ally looking at the ram or Tundra product

CJDR is a weird animal… you should be able to use IDL cash.

Toyota retail rebates should be applicable to leases via 3rd party lenders

Typically if you are going through a non-captive bank (the manufacturer’s bank), you get the cash rebates since you will not qualify for the lease rebates or finance rebates.

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