When leasing an all electric vehicle can we consumers

my better half went and leased an electric vehicle and wants to change the charging percentage from 80 percent charge to 90 percent charge during weekly driving.

Manufacturers suggest an 80 percent charge for daily recharging to maximize battery life but since we are leasing and dont care about 10 years from now battery life…can we just set the recharge of the battery to 90 percent?

Seems air conditioning and heating the vehicle drops about 50 miles off the projected range and she likes to run the ac or heat every time she drives the vehicle and is uncomfortable with loosing so much range by running the ac or heat…depending on outside temperatures etc.

Cant say I blame her so instead of the recommended 80 percent daily recharge I’ve moved it to 90 percent of maximum charge. Trying to be respectful of future owners but ac and heat when desired dropping mileage on the dash 50 miles is kind of ridiculous.

We arent precharging the vehicle interior while plugged in etc…we just want to drive the car in a comfortable environment when we want…

For 70 odd grand I think thats a reasonable expectation.

What say you lease experts…

Is it a violation of the lease to run a 90 percent recharge as opposed to the suggested 80 percent ?

It’s a lease. I would just charge it to 100% and do what is convenient to you.


Audi recommends 80% for max battery life, but even they say going to 100% isn’t that big of a deal


I had 8 EVs and I have never done anything but charge to 100%…even if the battery is at 99% when I pull into the garage it gets plugged back in.


Yeah, just max that bad boy to 100%. It isn’t a big deal and in the end won’t be your problem.

My understanding is charging a car on level 2 is ok to 100%. It is the fast charging that causes some battery capacity loss over time. My i3’s were driven with no heat or AC to get most out of that small battery pack and the difference was huge as you mention 50+ miles on a charge. With the E-tron I use it like a gas car with climate on.

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Fast charging is definitely harder on the battery, but always charging to 100% will reduce capacity quicker than if you only chargecto 80%. As will storing the vehicle with the battery charged, running the battery below 20%, etc.

The question, of course, is how significant are we talking about. The increased range on the etron in the 2021 models from the 2019 is because Audi opened up more of the battery capacity for use. They did this because utilizing the whole battery wasn’t reducing life as quick as other.

Some brands address this problem by just calling 80% 100%. You as the consumer charge to “100%”, but in reality, you’re never fully cycling the battery.


Say it with me, if its not in the contract, then it is not your problem.

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I have my Bolt setup to charge to 75% at home(level 2), I only have level 1 charging at work, so I want to make sure I always have room for the free power.

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I can already see in a few years a new employee benefits of free at work charging while salaries getting reduced by way more than electricity used.

Charge to the % you want. Not much different than people putting 87 gasoline into leased cars that recommend 91…

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