When do Memorial Day sales typically start?

And are they typically any good?

Quirk Chevy has labeled their specials as “Memorial Day” for a week+. I’ve still been unsuccessful in mirroring their pricing in my region. I cant find dealers in my area with any Tahoe or Suburban LS on the lot and they have oodles.

I predict that this year the Memorial day specials will be fantastic. That’s based on the inventory overhang this year.

Omg. A Colorado for 79/mo. Get out…that isn’t happening in CA.

Just called them they won’t lead eto by residents:-(

Am I seeing that right? An equinox for $99 a mo/ $0 down?

Memorial day isn’t special - they just rename a rebates for the month.

What are you looking for?

@cheapdad00 - we talked over email before - what was it you’re looking @? Where are you located again?

Ben, yes we have spoken before. I am in North Carolina, looking for a Tahoe or Suburban LS. But more concerned with price point instead of needing to make a deal now. My challenge has been that almost all of the locally available stock of those models is LT or Premier trim. Right now I am in a holding pattern seeing if I can somehow get on the GM private lease cash offer list (which seems to add an extra $2K off on those two models).

Email me back your info - might have a solution

Email sent to your “snoop” email address.

appreciate it - will get to it in a few.

@levi what does that mean “they won’t lead eto by residents” ?

I think he meant, “they wont lease to out of state residents”. They have dealerships in MA and NH, so presumably other northeast states may be exempt.

You are correct, they won’t lease out of MA & NH. This is specific to quirk

Thanks. I’m looking forward to see what kind of solution you might have.

I meant out of state residents

Will the memorial day deals be good on Highlanders or QX60? Deciding on one of those, just want to get the best lease for under$450 a month

Bmw leases seem dead after the change.

Hopefully they do something soon

dont see any deals for memorial day yet for Audi Q5. any idea if there would be any good deals for Q5 ?

Here’s a deal in Orange County Ca.


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