When do I add the new car to my insurance?

I’m waiting for the car to arrive at the dealership.
When do I get my insurance? Should I call my agent and get that started or is that something the dealer handles? Also for reference, the dealer is out of state

I’d add it when you sign the paperwork. Depending on the dealer, they may require you to have it on the policy when you sign the paperwork. No need to do it way ahead of time though.

Depends on the state , in CA for example you get 30 days to add any new car to your insurance, and it’s implied it is covered until then. And this assumes you already have insurance with them.

Though what is covered and how much if you get in an accident, I don’t know.

Thats stupid to for the state to give 30 days after purchasing, can’t imagine how much uninsured claims are filed lol, most dealers require insurance to be effective starting on the day you take delivery.

They do require you to have an active policy, just not with the new car specifically named on it.


The dealership I work at do the same thing, they gave you 30 days to add new car to the policy. But you must have an active policy with comprehensive insurance.

It’s impossible to replay the conversation verbatim in my head, but I added the last car I bought to my policy while I was at the dealer… at their request… before I went into the finance office.

I showed proof of insurance on that specific vehicle in the finance office before I left.

This was in California.

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Are usually notify my agent a couple days before and let them know the day I’m picking it up so they can make it effective on that date. Saves time emailing or bringing the new ID card ahead of time. I’ve also had to wait over an hour for someone to fax or email it while at the dealer so I’d rather get it done ahead of time.

This is kind of a red flag that you’re not very familiar with dealers. I’d be more concerned with vetting your deal via the forum.

Yeah, it’s been a long while since my last car purchase and I’m venturing into new territories like leasing and that from an out of state dealer. So any tips or flags to watch out for would be greatly appreciated. That’s why I’m constantly reading through these forums.

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