What's the leasing process here?

My BMW X5 lease is ending soon (CA) and I want to lease a new one. I want to know how the process works here in CA? If I find a deal from this forum, do I lease from broker from this forum? Or will the broker/agent here will direct me to the local dealer and I pay a service fee? thank you

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  • Find a Dealer to value your car and get a new car from him (For a possibly higher price)
  • Find a Broker to value your car and get a new car from him For a small Fee (But a fixed price)
  • Buy out your car.

Brokers save a lot of time / headache, but some people don’t like seeing ‘$XXX Fee’ attached. That is all your choice. Myself I don’t like sitting in showrooms for 5 hours when a broker can deliver the same car for same price or less.

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The latter. Not necessarily your local dealer but they’ll connect you to a dealer to execute the transaction.

Or D
Get a broker quote. Go to a dealer and have them match the quote and dont pay the broker fee

It’s all about the time you want to spend, but as you said in an earlier thread, that’s sorta scummy to do.

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Def not a fan of this. Intentionally wasting someone’s time is bad karma. I look at the marketplace and start crafting my own deals using those as a baseline for where to begin.

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