Whats good one pay lease deal for a $55,145 2017 i3 REX?

I have loyalty plus corp discount. what would be a great one pay price. before i start negotiation i want to see what a great deal would be so that I can start with that to the dealer!

There have been many posts about the i3. Your location (because of state incentives) can have a huge impact on the payment. Check out @HN308’s i3 deal/posts.

If I was in your position, all I would do is try to get the best % off MSRP as the selling price. don’t muddle up by asking one pay lease amount as most sales guys don’t know how to calculate it.

Also if you do 24 mth lease it usually works in your favor to have bank fee removed and take higher MF.

Try to get 13-14% off MSRP and you will end up with good one pay after applying all incentives.


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