What's a good number to shoot for with bmw 2017 i3?

Looking at the new i3 without REx and the basic trim. Would qualify for the CVRP 4k rebate. Was quoted around $380 /month at santa monica which I don’t think is reasonable. But not really sure what to aim for with no data points…

Rex basic is at $250 no money down.

Where have you seen $250 with no money down on a 2017?

Leasing at
$199 /month
Included In Payment:
$7,500 Lease Credit
Equipped with standard features such as 19" BMW i Light Alloy Star-spoke Wheels, LED Headlights and light accent elements, SIRIUS Satellite Radio with 1 year subscription and heated front seats.

Leasing details

$199first month’s payment$2,500down payment$0security deposit$925acquisition fee
$3,624Due at Signing
Trade in Appraisal
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Offer not valid in Puerto Rico. Lease financing available on new 2016 BMW i3 Range Extender from participating BMW centers on leases assigned to BMW Financial Services through September 30, 2016. Monthly lease payments of $199.00 for 36 months based on MSRP of $47,245.00. $3,624.00 cash due at signing is based on $2,500.00 down payment, $199.00 first month payment, $925.00 acquisition fee, and $0.00 security deposit (not all … SEE MORE

A dealer in SoCal quoted me $4200 drive-off and $325+tax for 36m/10k for a REX upfront. He is unwilling to give me more detail on the lease term via email but I assume the car has Parking Assistant Package + Value Package Plus. So, my guesstimate is that a BEV base model should be less than $250 including tax w $4200 drive-off under similar terms. Of course, no one in this forum should sign such a lease, but I hope to this gives you a baseline for negotiation.

The 2016 model was a disaster in sales for BMW. I don’t think the 2017 model will sale well even with the range improvement, especially with Chevy Bolt (238mi EPA range) around the corner. So I will just wait and see.

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What is this based on and are you sure you’re not talking about the 2016 (which no one has anymore)?

If it was possible to get under $200 with $4k down for 12k miles on a 30 month lease I would seriously consider it…

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Also in the market for a i3, any good deals on 2017

In the market for a 2017 i3 non-REX lease as well (24 or 30 mo to replace my '14 Nissan Leaf lease). I know the '17 are just coming out but would love any pointers to lease deals in the San Francisco Bay Area

I was told by a few dealers, after calling around, that bmw has low residuals for new model year cars. Does anyone know residuals for 2016 vs. 2017 i3?

if you absolutely need a 2017 the minute they come off the truck, then you will be paying through the nose. If you wait till Feb, then they will be discounted to the same level as a 2016. Your choice. Some people leased the 2014 i3 when they came out for $600. I got mine for $250 just a few months later when it was languishing under 2 feet of snow.

That’s an apples to oranges comparison. 2014 was the first release in the US.

As far as I know, the MSRP and incentives on the i3 have not changed, so therefore the numbers should not change. I don’t know about the residual but would be surprised if that changed by much.

The residuals don’t look very good. From the Edmunds forums:

.00136 MF for all terms
15K/yr residuals are 61%/58%/55% for 24/30/36 months
Add 2% for 12K/yr or 3% for 10K/yr

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Indeed, those residuals seem quite worse than before…

Which seems outrageous, since the new one has 50% more range out of the box, but I guess that’s not how these things are set

That’s how BMW NA makes their money and controls the leases. They foist the lower residual on the “early adopters” and then in a few months, you will see magically lease cash, dealer cash, higher residual etc etc come up. So pass on the 2017 i3 for now and scoop one up for under 250 in Feb :slight_smile: