Whats a good deal on Infinty QX30?

Looking for sample deals for a 2017 Infiniti QX30 Premium with Technology and Navigation Package, Preferanly 0 down 39 months/15k. Location is Tampa Florida

Specifically I’m thinking this one. JKCH5CP6HA028724

It’s hard to get great deals on a car everybody wants.
Small hatches are HOT. Sedans are NOT.
Bet you can get a better deal on a $10k more expensive Q50 than a QX30.
I’m shopping X1, QX30 … for my daughter’s graduation present.
Now trying to convince her to be happy driving a 2016 sports packaged 320i for a few years.
That I can get for $100+ less /month than a X1 w/ same MSRP.

Well I’m shopping the same crossover market.
Does anybody have the February numbers for a QX30 Sport?
I’ve got no response on Edmund’s.

PS. The Base and Premium are getting panned by car mags, the Sports model is said to lift the overall performance above the GLA Mercedes .

My car broker (NYC area) occasionally sends out some aggressive deals they’re pushing, and got this yesterday afternoon. Pretty sure it’s not sport, but i’ll share anyways - 2017 QX30 AWD - $249/month. 39 mths, 10K/year. says includes AWD, Leather, heated seats, backup camera, xm radio. It specifically says tax, title, dmv/doc and first payment up-front, but I know in the past most of their advertised deals also asks for bank fee up front (tho it doesn’t say it in this case). Depending on what state you live in, Infiniti accepts MSD, but not sure what the money factor is here.

Rv 57 percent 10k
39 months

That’s actually not bad, considering they aren’t trying to trick anyone with an outrageous doc fee (limited to $75 in NY) hidden in the fine print

This is what I got from a local dealer.

2017 QX30 Premium AWD

MSRP: $38,695.00
Sale Price: $32,995.00
Rv 57 percent 10k
39 months

Nothing down, no MSD since the MF is quite low - $345 w/ 9% tax plus $300 for doc fee at signing. I am still debating.

You could get a much better deal on a Q50 (and get an overall better car) for less or the same monthly. Unless you REALLY want a hatch, I see no reason to get the QX30.

I have a pretty good reason. :slight_smile:

I’ve been driving the Q50 since 2014. haha


How under powered does the qx30 feel compared to your 2014 q50 with 328 Bhp? This 4 cyl has 208 Bhp if I am not mistaken.

I would never buy a crossover or SUV but my wife really liked it when I picked my 17 q50 in december and the dealer said it would cost more to lease it then my q50 which had a 10K more sticker.


Yes, QX30 isn’t a high-powered car, but I mainly drive in the city and use it to pick up/drop off my daughter at the school.

3.7 Q50 doesn’t feel as a fast car in the city because the speed limit is 35 mph, and I’m sick of getting 14-15 mpg using Shell v-power.

I’m sure Q50 3.0t probably feel much quicker than 3.7 NA engine and there will be numerous ECU tunes available, but I just don’t want to drive it for 39 more months. My Q50 premium AWD is $319 a month with $0 down, and I had a G37x coupe prior to that, so technically I’ve been driving the same engine for nearly 6 years. Hahaha

What can you get its sister for

Are you USAA there is $1800 available on GLA

I went and test drove the QX30 yesterday, and it was quite a bit smaller that I was picturing. But the real dealbreaker was the engine would seemingly turn off when you stopped. It would make a kinda hickup rumble when you took off.

I decided to look at the QX50 instead which is more more comfortable for my size, not as polished but nice. They didnt have as much discounts available on it tho. I’m also comparing them against the other similar SUVs.

They were offing for a QC30 with tech and nav for 42,385.00, 35,885.00 with $6500 off, .55 RV for 15k miles,0.00003 MF, 39 months at $419, thats 0 down with all of Floridas stupid fees included.

If I recall, the QX30 has auto start/stop and can be turned on/off by pressing a button. A lot of new cars have this now, and they usually give you the option to turn it off.

People have been getting awesome deals QX50’s (200 range per month), especially since this is potentially the last year for the current style.

received this, if it helps anyone

Renewing old thread on the 2017 Infinity QX30.

It looks like there are still quite a few 2017s on dealer lots. My local dealer is advertising a 2017 QX30 Premium AWD w. Nav (MSRP $40,545) for $299 w/$3500 down 39 months 10k miles. The $3500 includes tax/title/license … I’m assuming total sale taxes since I’m in MN.

What is a good deal or what should I be aiming for with the 2017 QX30 AWD Premium at $40.5k MSRP and 10k miles a year?

Here are my numbers from SoCal: $44K MSRP 2017 Premium, $328/month (including tax) with zero-down, zero drive-off.

So would that 199/mo QX30 be a total of 219/mo with the CA taxes? That’s nuts.

@Carterman32 My comment was in feb 2017 and not 2018:) But if I get similar email like this then will try to update the forum.