What's a good deal on a custom build of a Range Rover Velar?

I’m looking to lease a custom Velar build, and wonder what discount (if any) I can expect.

I’m a newbie to this, my apologies if these questions are obvious.

First, 2 assertions based on speaking to 1 dealer: if these are wrong, please do tell - I’d love to get a more economical engine, but w/the interior features I want.

  1. JLR conditions certain interior features on buying a powerful engine. For instance, massage seats and windsor leather both require P380 and up.
  2. Dealer can’t tell me the actual lease price until the car is on the lot - which may take months - and yet I must commit to buying it now (and put $2500 down).

Assuming the above is true, I’m looking at P380 w/some add-on options; the MSRP comes to $86k.

I was told (on a different forum) that the following values apply for a lease in my ZIP code (I’m in NYC), 36 months, and 12k miles/year:

  • 0.00001 MF
  • 56% RV
  • $4,025 dealer lease cash
  • the poster also kindly mentioned that “you’ll save money on sales tax if you pay it upfront”

Given all that, what would be a good deal, all included (w/800+ credit score)?

Thanks a lot - this is the first car I’d own (well, lease) since a $900 Chevy I had in grad school many years back. A bit of an upgrade hopefully!

Welcome to the forum! I was a newbie not too long ago. I hope some of the more experienced members chime in and help out but my only suggestion is to use the leasehakr calculator to see what the price would be with the figures you have. I was told to never buy anything down on a lease but obviously if it’s the car you want, do your best to get the best deal for it. Good luck!

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Was that different forum Edmunds? Are those the current numbers for your zip for August? They’re going to change in a couple days too.

Have you read through the calculator FAQ and tried plugging those numbers in to get an idea of what kind of payment you’ll get? Have you looked at comparable deals that have been done on here before to get an idea of a target pre-incentive discount amount?

Yes! And yes, the #s are from this month and will change tomorrow. But, does it matter in my case of a custom build? If the “assertion” in my initial post is right, you can’t price a custom build until it’s on the lot - and so neither this month’s, nor September’s rates would apply anyway? Or am I misunderstanding how this works?

As to your other questions:

  1. Yes on the calculator, here are my numbers.I assumed that the “dealer lease cash” is the difference between MSRP and Selling Price, or is it a Post Sale Rebate or something else?
  2. Yes, I looked at the LH discussions, but I don’t know what exactly you mean by “pre-incentive discount”? Same as “dealer lease cash”?

Thanks again…

Pre-incentive discount is the discount you’re getting from the dealer. Dealer lease cash is an incentive coming from the manufacturer. If you lease the vehicle and have a selling price that has only the dealer lease cash removed, you’re paying full MSRP with no discount at all. You should be able to do much better than that.

I’d recommend you step back a bit from talking to dealers and spend some time reading through all of the leasing101 information here, ignoring the part about the 1% rule being a way of telling if something is a good deal. The rest of the info is quite good.


I am actually looking for a lease deal on a Velar P380 SE R-Dynamic. Any suggestions on where to shop?

Not sure where you are but you can contact @HersheySweet for a quote.

Hey, thanks for the page! I’m at custom order only right now due to inventory shortages, I went from 97 velar to less than 20 only 4 cyls in a blink of an eye.

My personal recommendation is to splurge and get a Sport AWB V8 with 60 month 0% financing and black pack; that will be the best value and hold value.