What would you buy for $10k?

not a little suspicious that a guy just performs a major service 4 days ago at near 200k miles and then immediately after lists the car for sale? :face_with_monocle:


‘The large service’ at the Lexus dealership in their mind is probably an over priced oil change and brake flush. Unless it had the timing belt/water pump replaced this week lol.

I’m with @Bismarck unless it’s the timing belt it’s bs

I asked and he said he would send them this morning

@WonderingY priced decent

This is a good deal for ya…

The drivetrain worth it if it’s legit

That went quick

title not in his name = hard pass

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I thought the rims were more suspicious

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My buddy just bought a 5MT 2008 Outback for $4,700.

I’d post the ad but its gone

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Thoughts on this:

and another one at the same dealership.

Another one

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Both links get an error page.

Why are you looking at dealers’ used car inventory?

Used cars make way more profit than new cars at a typical dealership.

You’re going to pay uncapped doc fees for no reason.

You’re also going to be pulling teeth trying to get a PPI at a mechanic of your choice.

Honestly, I drove through the dealer’s lot on my way home from the beach the other day. They had quite a few Broncos proudly displayed out front and I wanted to check to see if they were new or newly flipped. The Yellow Badlands is new and has a $20K ADM and 1 other new one. They always seem to have a nice selection of nice, local, used cars. Just checked them out for curiosity.

I went directly to the dealer’s website and they aren’t there anymore. Must have sold.