What would lease well with 24/12 term?

Guys, my E300 24 month lease is expiring soon. Looking for a replacement and would like 24 month lease as I have done on all my leases. Not even sure what I want, but looking to be around 400 monthly. Any suggestions as to what would lease well these days for a 24 month term?

Thanks all.

Jeep Sahara 4xe, obviously :slightly_smiling_face:


Rough market, man. Even 4xE doesn’t make a ton of sense on a 24 month lease (at least not through CCAP) because of crazy high MF (.00378 for 24 vs. .00203 for 36) and relatively crummy residual (70% for 24/10 vs. 66% for 36/10).

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I know. It would be very mentally tough after paying essentially $375 per month for an E class…

Will MBFS let you extend? Maybe try and get a 6 month extension and wait it out…

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Not sure if it will worth it. By that time I’ll probably have to replace tires, etc. plus I’m ready for something different :slight_smile:

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Lexus ES250. $4500 lease cash. Throw in some loyalty/grad/military rebate on top of that. I think Lexus is more 27 month friendly.


Probably not available anymore, but a dealer here was offering an Equinox LS. Difficult to replicate since it is about a $4000 loss for the dealer if I recall.

$27,495 MSRP
$4,400 dealer discount.
$1,000 Rebate (Lease Loyalty or Conquest)

$3,889 One-Pay @ 7.75% Tax.

Not on a 24, no $7500 credit

Mathematically with large amount incentives and high RV hike from 24 to 36.
Also factor in one less service, no need for tires. If it’s BMW in Texas, one pay will reduce tax assuming one-pay on a 36mo is too much money to throw at once.

Maybe a low MSRP Audi A6 if you have Audi Incentive + Regional Incentive + Costco (expires end of April). All those combined can be around $7,000 depending on region, and anywhere between 10.5%-12.5% has been attainable by other members.


Yes on 36 and selling after 24.

A year and a half ago Alfa had great 24mo leases. Dunno if that is still the case!

Maybe CX-9?

OP has a Mercedes E Class and forum suggestions are Jeep, Equinox and CX9. That’s why I hate these threads :laughing:

@Pavlon just keep an eye on the forums or work with a broker. Not much is leasing decently let alone “well” :frowning: an option may be to do a 36mo that can be swapped out of in two years.

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Yeah. Maybe I will have to go with 36 mo. I’m actually thinking of doing a Jetta R line manual. It should lease decent. Will test drive it.

I was gonna say… going from an E Class to one of those cars? OP is going to be really disappointed

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I’m not cocky at all. I had a Passat, a Jetta, an Encore and C300 within the last 6 years before getting the E. I have to say, I hated the Encore, even at $113 per month and swapped the lease as soon as I could - after 6 months.

If that’s the case, your best bang for your buck is a Wrangler 4xe or Camaro LT1 (program is still the same for this month) if you want to go muscle car route.

There were 2 recent deals on 2020 E Class loaners on the west coast. You can try to hack another E Class too.

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Honda Passport is leasing well for a 24 month lease. Sub-$400.