What would be the best choice of the three listed?

2016 Toyota Rav4
2016 Mazda CX5
2016 Nissan Rogue

Thats all a matter of opinion. Youd have to test drive all 3. Lease wise prob the Rouge.

Best in what respect?

The Mazda would probably be the most fun to drive, according to reviews, and the Rogue the least.

Payments would probably be in that order too, i.e. the Rogue the least.

Sorry, the question should have been which of the three should I expect to get the best deal on a 3 year lease. Knowing now that the Rogue is the least of the three, what are you opinions on the Rav4 vs the CX5?

Edmunds will have most up to date prices but i feel they will be close.

Numbers from ALG:

List Price

Residual Value: 3 Year, 5 Year

2016 Toyota RAV4

2016 Toyota RAV4 4-wheel drive 4-door Wagon LE

2016 Toyota RAV4 4-wheel drive 4-door Wagon XLE

2016 Toyota RAV4 4-wheel drive 4-door Wagon Limited

The Mazda and Nissan I can’t find them from the site I am looking at for a car lease myself.

You should look into them to determine what trim levels and options if any you want…They all start as FWD and the CX5 has a manual transmission…