What would be a good lease deal for Jaguar F-PACE?

Hi LeaseHackers!! This site has been a great help so far. Keep up the great work!!

I need help in understanding what a fair deal would be for leasing a 2017 Jaguar F-Pace 35t premium, because the dealerships I have been to so far are quoting ridiculous amount($650/month after 2k down!). Below is what I’m looking for and where I’m at currently in the leasing game;

Looking for: 2017 Jaguar F-Pace 35t premium
State: CT

Also, I’m currently on working visa valid till 2019, which can be extended till 2022. Toyota finance(for Lexus) recently rejected my loan application because my Visa is only valid till Jan 2019. I don’t understand this because I had leased a Honda back in 2014 with only one year of my visa validity back then. Can this happen again if I ever get a good deal from Jaguar ??

Thanks in advance for all the help and suggestions! :slight_smile:

Like to help, but unfortunately in my research on these bad boys, they want an arm and a leg for a car that doesn’t have that high of a MSRP. You can’t deal out of your region as Jaguar doesn’t have their own financing company. Other Jaguar models do lease quite well. Good luck!