What was your first lease?

Hey all. I browsed through the forum for awhile but could not find any posts that are exactly what I was looking for so I’ll just post it myself. If this has been asked before if anyone has a link to that thread I’d be happy to see it.

What was your first lease and at what age did you start leasing?

If this got enough replies I was considering doing some type of data modeling but I’m not sure exactly what to look for yet just had some ideas.

To start I’m currently in the process of transferring my first lease and have been reading the forum for about 4 months now.

First Lease: GMC Acadia SLE-1

Avg. Monthly Payment + tax: $339

Did you buyout the lease Y/N: N/A

Age at first lease: 21

Current age: 21

What I was thinking was modeling the average age of respondents first lease and current age to get an idea on the average user of the website. Also below current age people can include a leasing history if they would like if there are enough data points on there I can model monthly payment based on age or whatever else (obviously this is not applicable to me).