What to look for a lease on a demo vehicle at BMW



I just got off the phone with a dealership while shopping around for a 2019 BMW X5.
They mentioned a possible “very aggressive pricing” on a lease for a demo vehicle.

My understanding is that at BMW I should look at < 5,000 Miles (why? By the way). What additional discount should I aim for?
Any other advice?


Ask for a quote on this demo with the “aggressive” pricing and post it here

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id be surprised to even see a 2019 x5 demo.

If the demo has more than 5000 mi there’s additional RV penalty involved which offsets the savings.

Having >5k miles disqualifies it from incentives and it has a fat residual penalty. Don’t even bother with vehicles over 5k

One of the dealers in NJ has 2019 3 series listed as loaner.

I wouldn’t say “don’t bother,” but unless you’re getting a very large discount off MSRP then the tradeoff isn’t worth it.

I will know more this evening and if this turns out to be something that seems to make sense to me and with <5k miles then I’ll post it here.
Thanks for the advices.

There are numerous posts about the requirements, conditions, and targets to look for when it comes to BMW loaners. IIRC, the X6 is leasing FAR better than the X5 right now if you’re open to that. Give it a look see.

You also may be better served looking at the BMW loaner offers in the Marketplace section of the Web site and using broker to save time and money. Give it due consideration.

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