What to lease for under 400/mo?

Toying with the idea of leasing a new car for around 3-400/mo, putting little to nothing down. Wondering what’s worth leasing at that price range. Currently driving a 07 Lex GS350.

My short list so far:
Volvo S60
Audi A3/A4/A5
Lexus ES350h/CT200h/GS 200t

Are these doable/worth leasing? Any other suggestions? Need 15k/36mo.

Lexus told us to come back on first day of November for best deals. She said you can get a base RX350 for 400/month in November.

You can get an ES, IS for $400.00 now. Just my thought! But good to wait if you can.

We are thinking about getting a 2016 Volvo S60 Inscription nicely loaded with a sticker of $42,115 with 10K miles/year and total due at lease inception of $1,000 on a 36 month lease of $287/month plus tax

RX350 for $400 ? unheard off !

For a base model that seems doable. But again she said you need to be at the dealer ship on Novermber 1st.

Only thing I can think of about November 1st is that its probably the day when they have to sell off their 2016 models to give way for 2017 so if you go in then and some 2016 are left, then they will give you a good deal but you probably wont get the color or packages you want.