What to do with ridiculous FL Doc fees ($899, 999)

Whats your strategy on FL doc fees?
They add almost $30 to a 36 month lease.

I checked laws and it seems dealers can legally do it in FL.

Known issue with FL dealers. Not sure what there is to do, other than negotiate a better deal to compensate. Try to get more off MSRP or perhaps find more incentives/TrueCar voucher.

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dealer’s can’t discount the doc fee for one person and not the other that’s why they are preprinted on the lease agreement. Therefore the only way to offset it is a bigger discount off MSRP.


Oh yeah, see? It’s printed. I can’t change that. It’s in ink! It’s on the form! Those prices are set by the dealer. I’m sorry.

Doc fees are well known to anyone who has bought a motorcycle, ATV, or motorcycle as “prep fees” but are really “dealer profit margins”

Only way to change is to not participate and make sure they know you aren’t buying specifically because of the fee

I believe there is an online petition to get rid of this ridiculous loophole which dealers use to make extra $700-$1000 in Florida per transaction.

Good luck with that unless you plan on making all car purchases out of state, and convince the millions of others in Fla to do the same.


You are clearly not from FL

Yeah, dealers all charge the same doc fee. Dont like it, fly to Atlanta and buy a car.

But of course you know it really doesn’t matter. Just factors in to the overall deal. Add 500 in fees and subtract 500 extra from MSRP.

I get it…it sucks. In Pa, we’re capped at 141. One person telling a dealer he won’t buy a car because his doc fees are too high is laughable though. It’s the crooks in Tallahassee everyone should be yelling at. The dealer will fluff that off and move on to the next guy.

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Yeah it’s a political question. But the only party more in the pocket of the car dealers than the democrats…is the republicans. This doc fee allows dealers to show bigger discounts off MSRP than they are really offering.

Lease from NY metro, better deals, plus $75 doc fee capped by our great state.

Nope. Same brand dealers have different dealer fees. One can be $799 while the other $999. The range in FL is from $599 to $999 what I have seen so far.

Like 305 said above, just work on the discount and that itself can reduce the impact.

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earl stewart toyota:

"Dealer fees are charges added to the price of a car and appear alongside legitimate state fees, like title and registration. However, they are anything but legitimate. Instead, [dealer fees] are a way for dealerships to include fees to hide that they’re making a bigger profit. "

Thanks for info. It’s just that each individual dealership needs to charge everyone the same doc fee right?


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Actually that is not mandated. They all set their own fee. Unfortunately, there is no set rule by any authority. What’s crazy is that you pay the $999 doc for every model at that dealership. So it could be a $20k hyundai essence or a $60k Genesis :stuck_out_tongue:

They have to charge everybody the same but they can set the doc fee at whatever they want up to $999 as far as i remember. So they can charge $799 or $999 or $699 etc but they have to charge the same to everybody, they can’t just remove it for one person and leave it for the other.

Here in Colorado you’ll get both extremes, a few dealers don’t charge anything and others are $699

Lol they still find a way to be expensive. I was recently shopping and contacted a ton of NY dealers. The $75 doc fee feels nice but ultimately some NJ dealers were a better deal. And NJ is capped at about $495.

Like I said earlier, the fees aren’t as important as dealer discount. If you have a high doc fee but a generous discount, it’s still a good deal.

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NJ is not capped. The average is probably between 400-500 these days.

At the end of the day, it’s about finding the lowest total cap cost. For NY buyers that can mean NJ, even if the doc fee is higher.

For FL people, where both the SP and doc can be very high, that might mean going to GA.


I didn’t know that. A couple dealers claimed the cap was 495 but the overall range was 250-500ish.

I ended up getting it from a dealer in MD who made an offer I couldn’t refuse