What to do with Honda and Acura Car Club domain names

Many years ago, I started a forum for a specific Honda model and later sold it to a digital media company. At the time, I had considered starting Honda and Acura car clubs and registered several domain names. I’ve come the conclusion that I am never going to do anything with the domains so I may end up just releasing them. I emailed American Honda and offered to transfer the names to them for free but they declined.

Any ideas on what I can do with these domains before I just let them expire?


Renew them and point them to Leasehackr. Get paid for driving traffic and it’ll pay for the renewals.

You should keep acuracarclub.com. The others are probably not valuable.

are you still a honda boy at heart? Acurazine is still going pretty strong, so not sure if anyone would want to start a competing forum. Unfortunately these are probably worthless

Hah. Never was a Honda boy but I did really enjoy the NSXs I’ve had over the years.

These domains were more for an actual car club, not really for a forum.

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I’m probably not going to keep any of them. I’ve been paying for these domains (along with many others) for 15+ years…it’s time to let go.

But for discussion’s sake, wouldn’t acuracarclub.org be better than acuracarclub.com? I thought .org domains index better for SEO. Or is that just .edu and .gov?

Dot com > dot net

Everyone uses and remembers .com. The only other one that seems to last is .to, but it’s usually used for redirection.

IMHO SEO really applies to how many times you have been cross linked more than the Domain ‘TLD’ you own.

.edu and .gov have very specific rules on who can use those but .com is probably the best TLD to use over .org

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