What to do regarding my lease that I got in an accident with?


Got rear ended. Other driver was at fault and received a citation. I filed a claim with insurance and will be taking it to the jeep dealer (same one I got the lease at) tomorrow for fixing. Big question I have is regarding a rental in the meantime. The damages will highly likely take 2+ weeks to be fixed. I was notified by AAA that I don’t have rental coverage so I am at a loss for how I don’t have to pay damn near 1000 dollars just to drive a rental for a few weeks.

Am I supposed to retroactively get the other persons insurance to pay for it? I live in michigan and its considered a “no fault” state but I am unsure if that means much. The other driver was documented to be at fault in the end…

Thanks in advance. Hope I was clear enough

When I got rear ended, the other driver’s insurance paid for the rental while they were repairing my car, but I’m not sure how the no fault state plays in. A bit of research makes it look like you may be outta luck.


Is AAA your insurance or the other guys?

AAA is mine.

Try calling his insurance and check if he accepted liability (having the police report should help). They should pay for your rental. You don’t want to involve your insurance if you don’t absolutely need too.

Unfortunately in a no fault state, it doesn’t seem to work that way


Missed that in the original post. Sorry for the confusion!

NY is a no fault state, but this only applies to the medical claims. If the other party at fault, they pay for everything else. Could be the same in Michigan.

Edit, probably not, but there is a $1000 mini tort option.

Since you don’t have rental coverage, you would keep your receipts and submit them as part of the entire claim to the other parties insurance (or submit to your insurer who sends them over to the at-fault party.) Alternatively, the other insurance party may have a deal worked out with someone regionally who you can rent thru and not have to worry about billing/receipts/etc.

If you did carry rental coverage, the one benefit is your insurance would cover your rental first and then submit the bill over. This way you wouldn’t have to possibly pay things out of pocket at first.

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What did your agent say when you asked them?


You should also shop around for that rental maybe even use Turo.com because $1k for 2 weeks sounds like a Porsche to me.

Since going through one’s insurance company filing a no-fault claim takes time, I go straight to the fault driver’s insurance company. This is based on my last four accidents that was not my fault (in fact in the last 35 years of driving I claimed fault once when I ran over a back on the freeway and sustained 1000 worth of under carriage damage). Last accident (a guy rear ended my wife’s six month old car on freeway) I got driver’s license and insurance information and called insurance company right away. I told them I was going to take car to body shop (I did ask them who they preferred close to my home), pick up rental car the next day. Insurance company gave me some body shop choices and agreed on rental car (since it was not my fault and my wife needed a car while car was in shop). Next day I took car to body shop and rental car company picked me up to get my rental. I never paid a penny during the three weeks car was in shop. I tried to go through my insurance company, as liaison, to contact the other insurance company to get my car fixed and rental. My insurance company wanted deductible and wanted me to drive to a damage inspector then I could take car to body shop. Since that was going to take more than five days and more days off from work I declined and went after the other insurance company. After the terrible customer service from insurance company (slow to contact the other insurance company) I dropped them and go new policy at a new insurance company. Rates and frustration went down at the same time.
If you have a lot of free time waiting and patience to use your insurance company to get the faulter’s insurance company to get your car inspected, find body shop, then you drive to body shop, get a rental car and then wait - go for it. But I do and did not want to get punished (through waiting and taking days off work in which cost money) I prefer going straight to the other insurance company with basic services.


I don’t know a single Porsche that can be rented for 70 dollars a day.

If you consider regular compact sedan rates at between $45 to $55 dollars a day and add on another $15 to $20 a day for rental insurance (not necessary), you easily hit $1k after 2 weeks.

I’m pretty sure something nice will pop up in his area…

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Never seen a Porsche rented out for that little on turo. Have you actually checked?

Why would anyone call their insurance when it was the other guys fault? And lesson learned, always spring for the rental car coverage, it’s so cheap! I think the last 4 claims I had to deal with were all someone else’s fault, and their insurance dealt with everything, the exception was when my wife was rear ended by a City vehicle, they were self insured, so I had to go through my insurance and then they got reimbursed by the City

Guys, a lot of the replies don’t seem applicable to no fault states. Especially Michigan. It looks like I am stuck. Called insurance. They also said I am stuck. The most I can do is get my deductible paid by the other guys insurance through “tort law” which is what is going to happen since he was documented at fault but otherwise.

I am stuck paying the rental on my own UNLESS I can convince my dealer to give me a courtesy vehicle. Is this doable? Its the same dealer I got my car at and my car is due for lease return in a few months…

Dealers rarely give anything away for free, but it never hurts to ask.

Doubtful they’ll give it to you for free since those are usually reserved for service department customers, but the worst they can say is no.

Guess it would also help if I read @XxHaimBondxX’s comment before commenting myself too.

Honestly, I’ve come to terms that I am not getting anything easy or free out of this whole ordeal but at the least I just don’t want to pay the exorbitant amount that a rental will cost me over 2-3 weeks. Sent the dealer an email… Awaiting response as of now…