What should I get next?

Hello Friends,

I need some help. I currently have a 2020 TLX with Tech that I leased 2 years ago. I pay $350/month at 12k miles. Thankfully the dealer put some money into my trade and I was able to roll over about $2700 in equity.

I could ride the car out for a year. However I am wanting to get something new. After searching far and wide, I can’t find anything comparable in the same class that would lease for $400 without putting a lot of money upfront.

If anyone has some advice or can point me in the right direction that would be awesome!

Wait for the market to crash lol


CarEdge been telling us for the past 2 years the bubble popped :joy:
A used civic with 50k miles is over 20k

OP you in FL see what @AutoNinjas has in that range, shipping from somewhere else does not make sense


Not sure if you’re Arab, but thanks Habibi!


It doesn’t exist.

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Ride it out, extend if you can.

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This is the answer.

We still don’t have sizeable incentives from manufacturers and we’re dealing with high MFs. Extend your current lease as long as possible.

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