What should I do?

Hi all! I want to say thank you for all the knowledge! I’ve been reading on this forum for quite a long time and have learned so much and am ready for my next car. But I have a question.

I’m currently in a Toyota RAV4 lease with 6 payments left. $350/mo. A total of $2100. I’m at 22k/36k miles I’m allotted. I’m already looking for a new car and want to get out of this lease. What do you hackers recommend I do? I thought about just paying the remaining payments and be done with the car. But is there a route you guys think is better? I want to get into the 2020 bmw m340i. The car has 2 accidents so No, I’m not getting an appraisal from carmax. Should I wait till the end of the year maybe there will be better numbers for the m340i? I want to do the cheapest route possible so please give me your inputs. Thanks all!

Note——the RAV4 is my fathers. I took over the payments. That’s why I want this car next. The car will be under his name for those speaking about credit score, he has an 820 credit score. Yes we have had nice cars in the past.

This has been asked so many times. Please search the forum. Even with accidents, you may get a decent buyout. It’s a big jump from a RAV4 to an m340, though. You should also check your insurance, since you have accidents.


Then wait till the contract elapses and get a new ride at that point.



I don’t see any benefit in getting out early. You aren’t over miles and the 2020 M340 deals should only get better in 6 months.


This might be one of those situations where OP will have to show proof of income, if OP hasn’t leased more high-end cars, especially considering the payment will be nearly double what he or she is paying now.

I assume that people have the wherewithal to procure the items for which they’re shopping. An 800 credit score at Toyota is just as good at BMW.

820 credit score