What questions to ask brokers?

First time leasing. I think it makes more sense to use one of the trusted brokers here on this forum. They give a break down of all the costs in the calculator.

What questions should I be asking before signing a lease?
Is there any info they aren’t providing?

I tried searching and couldn’t find a thread with the info.

Thank you

You’re over thinking it.

1. Get the spreadsheet

2. Compare it against offers you have had / seen on the forum

3. Make an educated decision as to whether or not it’s a good deal

4. If it’s a good deal, tell them you want to move forward


I loved the no-hassle part of working with a broker. I don’t think I could do better myself without spending significant time and effort.

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I’m sure that would be the same for me. Plus I’m happy to pay someone for the service they provide.