What NFT's are you all buying?

So figured this would be a fun thread. Yes there are cars and boats and planes in the MetaVerse(s).

If you don’t know what an NFT is, it is a non-fungible token. Think of it not as CryptoCurrency but part of the crypto world; something unique; some have value and most don’t. Value is based on what someone else is paying for the most part.

So I have the following:

PAK NFT art. Specificially LostPoets.

Angry Ape Army

Welcome to the Internet

A lot of VeVe NFT’s like Batman, superman, star wars, USPS Stamps.

Croation stamp NFTs of RIMAC EVs

bunch more. Newest one I’m doing is MetaFans. which is having a presale: On telegram Telegram: Contact @MetafansOfficial

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Nfts are something I just don’t understand.


Same…and not sure I am young enough to learn :slight_smile:


I understand NFTs, but I’m converting $0 actual dollars into NFTs

There was already some discussion about them in the Investing thread


No wonder my kids have a hard time understanding the value of actual money.


Why anyone would buy one of these NFTs is beyond my comprehension, I thought crypto was a joke until I read about NFTs.


I just don’t get the concept :cry:

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The same reason everyone thought crypto was a joke was the reason many people became millionaires.

Maybe we should pay more attention this time around? :sweat_smile:


I bought some garbage pale kids for the nostalgia. I own a piece of land in decentraland that is worth quite a bit now.

Nfts are much easier then hunter biden paintings when trying to launder money!


Gotta send some profit to the “Big Guy”


any beeple raffle/drawing is pretty much free money

Or committing tax fraud through an organization.

I just minted some Ghostbusters NFT’s that are licensed by Sony Pictures for the movie, 10,500 mini puffs! Contains a 6 month roadmap with AMA and other behind the scenes interviews and videos with the directors and costume design; so some utility outside of making $/the art. There is still plenty to snag last I checked. (FYI this is not a “flip” imo just a very cool project that has Sony backing it and a really good team Big Head Club and I liked the art).

Also has a game design embedded in the contract, so 500 rare “mob bosses” will visit wallets randomly and you have to use a ghostbusters trap NFT to trap them, really interesting design and how the gamification of it.


If you love ghostbusters you would really enjoy this; and a great way to learn the NFT process and “minting” one.

Most the guys I have chatted with on the discord were much older than me and longtime fans of GB, so before anyone plays the “im too old card”…


Bingo! Something with no intrinsic value that can be priced at any amount because the regulators can’t keep up. Easy to buy and sell with no annoying actual property to move across international borders.


None of course

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Money also has no intrinsic value. Just a bit better regulated though

I have some Ghostbusters NFT’s through VeVe but the ones your talking about are the best ones for the phone that have been released looks wise.

If I flip an NFT for $10k do I have to pay income tax gains on it? /s

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If the money in was less then the money out you owe some form of tax in the USA.