What makes most sense to drive for a year and then offload?

I have my name on the list for an RS6, and expect to get it sometime next summer or fall. I need a new daily driver now, and am thinking I’ll lease something to get me by until the RS6 arrives and then offload whatever I pick up now on Swapalease.

I’m considering a 2019 M5 if I can get one for at least 11% off or a 2020 M550 I know I can get for 8% off msrp. I also really like the Q7 Prestige and know I can get one for 14-15% off. I am thinking 36/15k.

Could you guys tell me if I’m making a stupid decision leasing for such a short time period and/or if these particular cars aren’t a good option based on my situation? If not, what else should I be looking at?


Get a great deal on a 3/4/5-series that’s easy to swap. I doubt there’s a big market for M5s because of the cost.

You should not lease an Audi if you want to swap it out later.


You could pick up someone else’s lease transfer that’s due in a year


I’ve looked, but haven’t found anything really I’d want.

I’ve thought the same about the M5 just from a cost standpoint. It’s a smaller pool of buyers.

For the Audi, do you think so even if I get a steep discount?

Even if you swap out of the Audi, you are still responsible for it. Not worth the headache.

I looked some just out of curiosity, and found this one 2018 M550, MSRP $96.6K, with 18.5K miles remaining over 16 months for $839/month.

Not too shabby, but again, it may be too far, or not ideal option wise.

Maybe I am overly cautious, but what happens when you lease an M5, which for argument’s sake is $1,200 per month (random number I saw on a different thread), and then you don’t get any takers when you try to swap out of it?

I’m guessing that since you are even considering this, you can comfortably afford to carry the lease for the whole term. The question is, do you really want to be paying for the M5 for 1-2 more years (worst case scenario) while also paying for the RS6?

As someone else suggested, you are likely better finding a lease to assume that has a year left, rather than leasing a new car and hoping to find someone to take it over a year from now (without offering a massive incentive to just dump it).

Would opt for an au pair or personal assistant if for a year only.

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I’d say buy (not lease) a 530e if you qualify for high tax credit. 2019 cars have good dealer discounts now plus $4500 APR credit, loyalty/conquest, OL code, BMWCCA etc. Depending on your state and income you can get up to almost $10k in tax credit on top (I personally would here in CO on dual 6-digit W-2 income).

I would take over a lease if I were you. Something interesting should come out soon. Leasing now and trying to get out in a year might be more complicated in your situation.


Actually that’s a really solid find. I’m about 5-6 hours south. Thanks for sending over.

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I could carry both, but it’d be financially irresponsible and my wife would probably kill me since we already have 4 cars.

I think I’m going to follow the general theme of advice on this thread and look for a lease takeover. I’m in CA, so they’re everywhere around here.

Sounds appealing, but I would get so bored driving a 530e.

Tell us more about the RS6? MSRP etc?
Also, there is an i8 on here for lease transfer. You should also be able to get in an out of this i8 quite easily …

just do a 540, jb4 and it’s like 400 hp, plus if you get one for low to mid 5s it should go pretty easily on swapalease and even if it takes time it’s not going to kill you like an m5 $1400-$1500 a mo. will. That’s what I’m doing because the hellcat widebody won’t be out until a few month’s before my current lease is up and I won’t find a good deal for another 6-8 months after that. It’s kinda my go between car.

I’m not sure yet what pricing will be. I presume it’ll start around $100-110k then go up to $130-140k with options. I’m guessing it’ll be RS7 kind of pricing.

Thanks the i8 tip. I don’t really like the car though.

Me neither lol…

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